Month: September 2007

Power Nap Information

Recently I’ve been working longer hours and spending more time on work related activities even when I am home. I had posted an article on PowerNaps and their effectiveness. So I was looking for the articles where they had...

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Just signed up with BlogRush! This is going to be amazing as I’ll be linking to other websites that share my passion in the blogosphere! Enjoy!

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Halo 3 Vidoc

New Halo 3 vidoc which talks about the new Forge system and the Saved Films feature. This video will differently make you get the game. It Explain so much. They have been hard at work on Halo 3 which will be out the next 3 days...

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Bnet site update tomorrow

Major update tomorrow realating to Halo 3 saved films and downloadable. Team Xbox got a hold of Development Lead Chris Gossett who told them about the new website features which will be up by tomorrow. There will be a...

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