Leopard’s first Virus


Already, a trojan horse virus has been let out on Leopard. But trojans are the least effective uses of a virus, because it needs the users’ log in name and password to be entered. The virus appeared on some pornography sites. There is a still frame picture of the movie, and clicking on it brings you to a page that says you need a new version of a codec and needs you to download it. Then the user needs to enter their password and it starts messing with their system. Doing the normal virus stuff.


Google reaches a new High $700+


This won’t be the first time in history that a company’s share goes past $700 mark on a single share/stock. But it will be the first time ever that a company takes such a short time in climbing such high towers. For Google to hit $700 makes it one of the most aggressive and efficient companies ever. They’ve got great employee benefits, their heart is in the right place and they are definitely bathing in passion for the new technologies that are ever evolving and being adopted seamlessly by the common public. in just a short 2 months the share price has risen from a low $492 on August 16th 2007 to an amazing high of $704 today on October 31st 2007. This is a major feat given that the company is simply on a roll. If I had just purchased just a simple 6-10 shares @ 492 = $2952 – $4920. I’d have my hands on a good chunk of $4224-$7040, thats a profit of an easy $1272-$2120. Definitely worth the penny on my watch a 70% increase, which will make anyone a happy camper!

A market capitalization of $218 billion. With a planned 1st year target of $739 giving Google all the edge it needs to jump-in and purchase the 700Mhz band. We don’t know but its just speculation.

As new updates come, Google is planning on launching Gmail 2.0 check this link here for more information as part of adding IMAP functionality which is randomly showing up on peoples gmail page as Google transitions systems to support all accounts, not to forget that GMail storage is now past 4.5GB.

In more news Google is partnering with Nielson, launched an update Orkut, planning on releasing Gphone in 2 Weeks and reveals open-source API.

TakeTV a new way to watch television


Take TV a revolutionary product that’ll allow you to watch Television without having to do funky madness wiring from your PC to your TV. I’ve seen scenarios where a TV-out or an HDMI cable is running from a PC’s video-out port being converted from DVI to HDMI using connectors of all sorts going through walls, from one floor to another just so we can watch all those amazing footage downloaded on the PC.

Leopard on PC

download.jpgWow!, after a week the folks over at The OSx86 Scene have a guide for Leopard to run on PC. Its a fairly complex installation but it is very carefully put out through. Still many little bugs and differently no easy way to install leave this to the experts and geeks. The tutorial is very easy to follow though. Hopefully it finds its way to AMD’s. This is very good thing in the social for all geeks. MAC for life as people say.

Guide Here[OSx86Scene]

Samsung SCX-4500 review

We’re all familiar with All-in-one printers from big names like Epson, Canon, HP and Brother. Well Samsung has been known for creating beautiful products and are almost always ahead of the curve… as if they were using a time machine to figure out whats hot in the future. So this beautiful piece of machinery is not only that.. (beautiful) but it does multiple functions as well, its piano-black finish gives it a look of a futuristic product in which hidden away is a couple of cool utilities.

SCX-4500 sideSCX-4500 rearSCX-4500

High Tech Credit Cards

High Tech Credit Card

Looks like the next generation credit cards are going to have some added security.  I for one am delighted as there are way too many security issues with the current credit card authentication system.  I am always on the look out for shady cashiers taking pictures of my credit cards and drivers license with their cell phones and then having all the information they need to make illegal purchases.  This solution will atleast promise that even if someone steals your entire wallet, they wont have enough information to use your credit cards.   

Ipod Touch Ad Airing


In an unusual move, Apple will be airing a new television ad that started as a student project, according to The New York Times. The new iPod touch ad will begin airing on Sunday. The ad started as a student project created by 18 year old Nick Haley and posted to YouTube. Haley was contacted by Apple’s ad agency TBWA/Chiat/Day“ ‘We represent Apple and we’ve seen what you have produced and we’d like a chat with you,’ ” Mr. Haley recalled, adding: “This seemed ridiculous and far-fetched. My initial reaction was, someone wanted to steal it.”He was soon convinced that the message was real and came to Los Angeles this month, in his first visit to the United States, to work on a broadcast-ready version of his spot with creative executives at TBWA/Chiat/Day, part of the TBWA Worldwide division
of the Omnicom Group.

Haley was specifically inspired by the line in the song “My music is where I’d like you to touch.”

Fall 2007 Dashboard Update Leaked


The new dashboard Update for the Xbox 360 look legitimate has what I can see in the list this is pretty old but still wanted to keep you updated because it is Fall as of right now. There has also been another thing hinting to the Fall update and it has to do with IPTV and is very interesting hopefully Microsoft lets us know when the release of this update is. See the list after the break.
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Leopard Ready Applications


After a day of testing and working with Leopard, the following applications work wonderfully with the latest version of OS X:

These are the Adobe CS3 products that I’ve tested and found them working great. Some of the Adobe applications gave me issues and kept hanging and crashing, so all I did was reboot the Mac and all of the Adobe apps started working perfectly.

I was glad to get all of my Adobe CS3 Web/Design Suite working fine, once those tested out fine, I went on and tested some third party applications which are rumored to not work so well with Leopard…
but I got them to work perfectly fine, here is a list of all the applications that I use. This is a mixed list below and I’ll add their description as time goes by.Third-Party Applications:


Multimedia Apps:

  • Audacity (v. 1.3.3)
  • DivX (v. 6.7)
  • DivX Player (v. 2.0)
  • SimplifyMedia (r. 859)
  • VisualHub (v. 1.28)
  • Windows Media Player (v. 9.0)
  • WMV Player (v.


  • Armagetron Advanced (v.
  • Big Bang Board Games (v. 2.3.4)
    • 4-In-A-Row
    • Backgammon
    • Checkers
    • Chess
    • Mancala
    • Reversi
    • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Big Bang Brain Games
    • Reaction
    • Sudoku
    • NovaSweeper
    • Remembrance
    • Echo
    • Fallacy
  • Apple’s Chess (v. 2.3) updated for Leopard
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted

I surely cannot wait to get my hands on the newer Electronic Arts games that are out for the OS X, but who has time to play games when there is so much awesome applications on the Mac platform full of productivity and excitement.