Month: October 2007

Leopard’s first Virus

Already, a trojan horse virus has been let out on Leopard. But trojans are the least effective uses of a virus, because it needs the users’ log in name and password to be entered. The virus appeared on some pornography...

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Google reaches a new High $700+

This won’t be the first time in history that a company’s share goes past $700 mark on a single share/stock. But it will be the first time ever that a company takes such a short time in climbing such high towers. For...

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TakeTV a new way to watch television

Take TV a revolutionary product that’ll allow you to watch Television without having to do funky madness wiring from your PC to your TV. I’ve seen scenarios where a TV-out or an HDMI cable is running from a...

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Leopard on PC

Wow!, after a week the folks over at The OSx86 Scene have a guide for Leopard to run on PC. Its a fairly complex installation but it is very carefully put out through. Still many little bugs and differently no easy way to...

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Samsung SCX-4500 review

We’re all familiar with All-in-one printers from big names like Epson, Canon, HP and Brother. Well Samsung has been known for creating beautiful products and are almost always ahead of the curve… as if they were...

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