New Assassin’s Creed website


The mystery surrounding what is supposedly the Assassin’s Creed story has gotten a nice kick in the butt. Appearing at an address is a new flash site that somewhat reveals some of that super secret plot that lots of gamers are still fuzzy on. Once visited you’ll be greeted with a message that says “Nothing is true. Everything is permitted”, amidst what seems to be DNA strains that phase in and out behind a bloody floating feather followed by “Be prepared”. What does this mean?. Unless of course your on the development team.

Are You Leopard Ready?


Yesterday I was going around reading blogs on how to prepare your Mac and have it ready for an upgrade to the latest version of OS X Leopard 10.5. There is a list of applications that’ll work beautifully to make sure that all of your applications are up-to-date and how to remove applications that you installed for a one-time trial use or just to check it out but never really got into the habit of using it.


A really popular application that’ll take care of ridding the miscellaneous files associated with applications going to the dumpster is AppZapper and it does exactly what it sounds like! It Zaps those applications from your Mac along with the files which are copied in other folders etc. It just costs $12.95 bucks and can be had here.. Another great application is AppTrap which is a freeware and the developer asks for donations if you like the product pitch in a buck or two. Personally I’ve used AppZapper and it works its charms all around.

After you’ve Zapped applications that you don’t use, you want to make sure that your trash is empty and you can use another great application to clean out any junk that is hidden and created by applications as time goes by…


MainMenu a great little utility which can clean out cache, run maintenance scripts, perform disk utility tasks, rebuild spotlight and many other neat features and utilities.

You then also might want to grab AppFresh (which basically checks for fresh versions of your third-party applications. It’ll check your Applications folder and then check against the internet for latest versions of the applications that are installed on your Mac. It certainly helped me find latest version of some of the applications that I was having trouble finding updates for. Another place to check for updates is VersionTracker and MacUpdate. So make sure you have the latest versions of all the applications you use.

Thirdly, you want to backup your documents and even your entire hard-drive, this is probably the most important thing to do before going through any operating system upgrade. Some great applications which can help you get through the backup hurdle are, CarbonCopyCloner (freeware), SuperDuper ($27+) and Clone X ($49).

So here are the basic steps before you get to Leopard…

  1. Remove unused applications by using AppZapper or AppTrap
  2. Empty Trash and run MainMenu to clean up the extra mess
  3. Update your 3rd-party Apps to latest versions via AppFresh, MacUpdate or VersionTracker.
  4. Backup your drive using CarbonCopyCloner, SuperDuper, or Clone X.

Once you’re done with those 4 simple steps, pre-order your copy of Leopard OS X, you have two sources for this amazing operating system, pre-order it from the Apple Online Store for $129 (single) or $199 (family-pack), or go to for a reduced price of $109 (single) or $189 (family-pack). They should all be available at your door on Friday after 6pm or Saturday depending on when they’re delivered from Apple’s warehouse.

Enjoy your new OS and share anything you might’ve run into and would like to warn others.

Update: Probably another important thing we might want to note is the system requirements for Leopard

System Requirements:

  • Intel, PowerPC G5 or PowerPC G4 (867 MHz or faster) processor
  • 512 MB of memory
  • DVD drive for install
  • 9 GB of free disk space

Pretty sweet deal!

Apple Hits a new High


Apple: AAPL, hits a new all-time high today to a beautiful $188.60. Thanks to the 3rd Quarter earnings which were 34% higher than last years third quarter earnings. Apple has increased its market share to a brand new 8% in the United States. The increased earnings come thanks to brand new iMac’s a new line of the iPod family with the revolutionary iPod Touch, the spacious iPod classic with upto 160GB of music love, and a brand new iPod Nano.. video for everyone! And thanks also to iLife ’08 making it more fun to write documents with the new Pages, create a beautiful spreadsheets with the brand new application Numbers (now part of iLife ’08) and amazing presentations with the updated more powerful Keynote.

The love that Apple has gotten in the past 6 months is definitely amazing and no matter what the fanboys will say, the products that Apple has put together and developed with hard-ship and dedication surely shows through the quality of these products.

Sunday Deals (10-04-07)

bestbuyoctobergeneralman3.jpgWe woke up this morning thinking of all the great deals the Sunday paper would bring. We already knew about a certain Heroes HD DVD deal, but we were wondering about other deals. Well the Hereos thing is for sure legit, that offer is 100% valid, starts today and will catch yourself a free Heroes: Season One HD DVD when you purchase the Xbox 360 HD DVD player at Best Buy. Other Best Buy offers include a free comic book with the purchase of Conan, a free wraslin’ demo (which is on the XBLM too) when you pre-order Smackdown vs. Raw 2008, and a free bonus disc loaded with gamer pictures, trailers and songs when you pre-order Mass Effect.

And if you’re looking for other deals worth mentioning this week, then sorry, but there really isn’t any. Circuit City, Target and everyone else all had no good deals and upsetting. But cheer up, because next week’s Circuit City retail ads and you get a free guitar stand with the purchase of Guitar Hero III and a free Homer ball with The Simpsons Game purchase. You didn’t hear this from us.

40gb Ps3 is Legit


Reuters brings word that Sony has officially announced the 40GB Playstation 3 for North America, with the new SKU going on sale November 2. The 40GB PS3 will cost $400 USD and, as in Japan and Europe, will no longer feature backwards compatibility.

Also announced the 80gb PS3 will now cost $500 USD bringing in down 100 bucks

Sony Computer Entertainment of America president Jack Tretton tells Reuters that hope to continue focusing on th strong PS2 software market, with the PS2 alone. Backwards compatibility is a “secondary consideration” and not a “number-one priority” for the Playstation 3 at least not anymore.

Guide: Media Center (Vista) Xbox 360


Alot of People on the Tube asking me how to set this up.

First, You must have a pc with Media Center and Vista OS

Need: An Xbox 360 Hdd not Required

A High Performance Wired or Wireless Home network

1. Begin the setup process from the 360 Media center by either pressing the green button on the remote or by using your controller and going to Media center from the Media Tab.

2. Continue the process by selecting the Media Center Option.

3. Once Your Basic Network Connectivity is Validated, your Xbox 360 will display an 8 Digit Code. Write Down ths code then go to your Windows-Vista based PC.

4. The setup process will ask you if you want to share media with this extender select YES as recommended to share media folders. Then, Click NEXT. If you are using a User Account Control then a Dialog will pop up that will seek your permission for this. Select Continue to grant its permissions.

That’s it! You are officially setup to view all the media on yur Xbox 360. Any Questions just Comment. 

iPhone SDK releasing 2008

People, Geeks, Consumers, and almost everyone I talk to had and has been complaining about the iPhone being locked down to have 3rd party applications installed. Even though there was a solution as soon as the first person was able to JailBreak the phone. And as soon as that happened we started to see a string of iPhone native applications being released by everyone who knew how to write for the Cocoa platform.. OS X.

iPhone SDK

Soon we had a sexy little application called “” which you “App. Tapp. and Install” any 3rd party applications that were included in the Community Sources. The best part about the was the rigorous testing they put through all of the applications that were available on it. There were several other sources that you could manually add the link to in the plist for the Installer to read, but those 3rd party (more like 4th party) applications that had not gone through the testing would cause your precious iPhone to freeze up (yes it happened to me too) so you’d have to force shutdown and then reboot.

And then the great news came about the iPhone being able to be unlocked for use with other SIMs (other than AT&T). Which sent AT&T into madness and Apple had to send out an statement of seize and desist. And closely after Apple released a firmware update version 1.1.1 which basically bricked (unusable) all of the iPhone that were unlocked and jailbreaked… unfortunately when I upgraded my iPhone it got stuck too. I had to restore the phone and then it loaded 1.1.1 and since then it has been working good.

My friend also had upgrade his firmware which caused his iPhone to constantly blink as if the sensor on the iPhone was having a seizure.

After reading several digged articles and several forums, I’ve come to a conclusion that the main reason Apple didn’t release an SDK along with the iPhone was because they had to put the entire team back on the project to finish Leopard. Since the iPhone also uses the Safari 3.0 browser and is partially based on an early Leopard build. First of all Apple had to delay Leopard so they could launch the iPhone in the month that they had promised and second of all they can’t really launch an SDK based on an incomplete version of the OS.

Which brings to attention that iPhone SDK might come out in January 2008. It just might be possible that they’ll release it earlier but again Apple is shorthanded on software engineers so much so that they have to shift the direction of the entire team in order to launch a product. With their stock (AAPL) price reaching an all-time high of $173.04, I’m sure they can afford to hire some more programmers.

Anyhow, so expect an iPhone SDK later on this year or early next year in January of 2008, which should enable us to put Summerboard and the list of great applications that have been developing so far in the underground.

UPDATE: Steve Jobs just announced! Apple SDK February 2008

“Let me just say it: We want native third party applications on the iPhone, and we plan to have an SDK in developers’ hands in February. We are excited about creating a vibrant third party developer community around the iPhone and enabling hundreds of new applications for our users. With our revolutionary multi-touch interface, powerful hardware and advanced software architecture, we believe we have created the best mobile platform ever for developers.” Steve Jobs on October 17th, 2007

Chumby is Going on Sale


At this point the only is point is when that big box with widgets on it will go on sale. so we’re pleased to report that the Chumby store is now taking orders for the box, in your choice of white, latte (pictured) and black. $179 gets you the box, but it’s how developers and users use this thing that’ll really be the story. No word when it will ship though, but the insiders have been playing with this for quite awhile so where guessing it will be pretty soon.

Teknodeal $20 Dollars off Leopard, $10 off on Family Edition


Upadate 1: Not all of us are as cool as superjunaid and he got a better deal

“Actually I saved more than just $100 bucks on my pre-order, I first of all went to the Education Store so instead of $129, it was $116 minus the $100 plus taxes. Not bad for a $25 Leopard legit copy!”

Happy about all the new features in Leopard. Well here is your chance to get it from Amazon, $20 off single user Leopard and $10 off on the Family Edition version. There no catch as we can see, other than the fact you are pre-ordering from an online store. Plus you probably won’t get it exactly on October 26 because you know Apple. I guess thats the price you pay for saving a few bucks. Well this doesn’t really matter for the people who have $100 dollars store credit (Nerd Tax repayment) which came from their iPhone. [Single User and Family Pack]

Leopard is almost here!

10 days and counting down to one of the most anticipated operating systems (besides Vista) ever to be released by Apple, Inc. (AAPL). According to the videos, the walk-throughs, the lists of features and advancements. The enhanced versions of the current applications and a set of new features and applications have also been integrated into the operating system.
Leopard introduces some amazing new applications and features:
1. Desktop
Leopad has a brand new desktop with Stackable icons that sit on the brand new Dock giving the icons a more 3D look. The Stacks simple contain a group of files that you’ve setup and as a default Stack (Downloads) no more cluttered desktop with tons of files just hanging out waiting for a home.

Leopard Desktop

2. Finder 10.5
In Leopard, Apple has updated Finder and added more power to it. First of all they’ve created a more uniform look across the entire operating system to match the look & feel of iTunes 7+, its got a brand new sidebar with Devices, Shared, Places, and Search folders. Each of these items defines the items that are connected to your mac. Devices lists all of the drives, external and internal connected. Shared shows all of the shared folders on your network, such as other pcs and macs. Places lists your folders and items such as desktop, applications folder, documents, movies, music, photos etc. Lastly Search folders are smart folders which you can create depending on the types, name, date for yourself. There are example folders created for you to start (just like in iTunes recently imported music)


3. QuickLook
QuickLook is a brand new application which is integrated into Finder using CoverFlow as the view mode, QuickLook can quickly enable you to open up a document, movie, photos albums, and many more items without having to launch the associated application. View pdfs, presentations and more.

4. Time Machine
No more worrying if you lost a document, TimeMachine gives you the power to go back-in-time to retrieve any document, files that you might’ve accidentally deleted and bring it back.

5. Mail
The new Mail client has built -in Stationary (borrowed from iPhoto pages) giving you the ability to insert pictures to your emails in more nicer ways. It also comes with notes and To-do lists making it more easier to work with your tasks.

6. iChat
With Leopard iChat has gained more power in addition to conference calls and video chats, now you can share presentations, albums and pretty much anything that’ll open with QuickLook. iChat also integrates the effects from PhotoBooth for more fun effects.

7. Spaces
Leopard introduces brand new features so you can have multiple Spaces setup for you to work in more places at once. With a click of a button or key-combo, you can easily switch from one Space to another.
8. Safari
Safari 3.0 comes with speed and agility of the fastest browsers out for a Mac or PC. More secure browsing and more of everything you’d expect from a browser, ofcourse its no FireFox with its massive library of extensions.

9. Parental Controls
Parents can now setup accounts for their kids and be sure that they’re not surfing a website they’re not supposed to be on. Well my parents won’t bother me anymore…

10. Boot Camp
Who says you have to use a PC to use Windows? Now with Leopard Boot Camp is built-in and works with the most advanced versions of 32-bit Windows operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you already have BootCamp beta installed on your Mac, just upgrade the drivers from the Leopard DVD, and you’re flying!

On this note, there are 300+ new features that are included in Leopard. I’m totally excited and cannot wait to get my hands on Leopard… Infact I pre-ordered my Leopard today using the $100 credit that I got from Apple for the iPhone. Life is awesome!

My Macbook Pro is waiting anxiously to run Leopard… and so am I!