Month: October 2007

High Tech Credit Cards

Looks like the next generation credit cards are going to have some added security.  I for one am delighted as there are way too many security issues with the current credit card authentication system.  I am always on the look...

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Ipod Touch Ad Airing

[youtube][/youtube] In an unusual move, Apple will be airing a new television ad that started as a student project, according to The New York Times. The new iPod touch ad will begin...

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Fall 2007 Dashboard Update Leaked

The new dashboard Update for the Xbox 360 look legitimate has what I can see in the list this is pretty old but still wanted to keep you updated because it is Fall as of right now. There has also been another thing hinting to...

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Windows Icon on Leopard

  This is the icon that represents a networked Windows Machine on a Mac running Leopard.  Who says software developers dont have a sense of humor.

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Leopard Ready Applications

After a day of testing and working with Leopard, the following applications work wonderfully with the latest version of OS X: These are the Adobe CS3 products that I’ve tested and found them working great. Some of the...

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