Month: October 2007

Guide: Media Center (Vista) Xbox 360

Alot of People on the Tube asking me how to set this up. First, You must have a pc with Media Center and Vista OS Need: An Xbox 360 Hdd not Required A High Performance Wired or Wireless Home network 1. Begin the setup process...

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iPhone SDK releasing 2008

People, Geeks, Consumers, and almost everyone I talk to had and has been complaining about the iPhone being locked down to have 3rd party applications installed. Even though there was a solution as soon as the first person was...

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Chumby is Going on Sale

At this point the only is point is when that big box with widgets on it will go on sale. so we’re pleased to report that the Chumby store is now taking orders for the box, in your choice of white, latte (pictured) and...

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Leopard is almost here!

10 days and counting down to one of the most anticipated operating systems (besides Vista) ever to be released by Apple, Inc. (AAPL). According to the videos, the walk-throughs, the lists of features and advancements. The...

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