Month: November 2007

Xbox 360 Fall 2007 Update (real)

The new Xbox 360 dashboard update is hitting Tuesday, December 4Th and Microsoft finally gave us the information that is the new update. This is the real on unlike the rumored update previously only a few from their made it in...

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Apple to update Mac Pro

Recently Anandtech wrote up an article comparing the Latest Intel Xeon 54xx series Harpertown 45nm processor, with Xeon 53xx series and AMD’s 3rd generation Opteron cpus. The new Intel processor 54xx is an manufactured...

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iPhone 16GB, 3G and more!

Well I wouldn’t want to say that I told you so, but I did! I knew it was coming and I had decided to keep this under covers, thanks to AT&T (T) CEO Mr. Randall, we all know that Apple is releasing a new version of...

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Assassins Creed – Game Review

Assassin’s creed is one of most anticipated games since it was announced at E3 and CES. The demo’s given were amazing and showed off some awesome technical achievements only possible in next gen gaming. Some of the...

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