Month: December 2007

Video: First Video of SFIV gameplay

1UP got the exclusive scoop in a 20 minute video interview withSFIV’s developers where they learn, laugh and play everything SFIV. Oh, and did we mention the video above is the first footage of the game? Well, it is and...

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Modbook might actually ship

For a device which has lived solely in the hearts and minds of hopeful buyers for such a long time, the Modbook has certainly seen its fair share of news. The latest dispatch comes in the form of a letter from the “Other...

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And the Award Goes to… BioShock

   X-play a show featured on G4 has a yearly award ceremony episode in which they award the top game of the year. X-Play features the best of the year in gaming according to Adam, Morgan, and the staff of X-Play. Awards include...

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