Video: First Video of SFIV gameplay

1UP got the exclusive scoop in a 20 minute video interview withSFIV‘s developers where they learn, laugh and play everything SFIV. Oh, and did we mention the video above is the first footage of the game? Well, it is and we’re not sure if we enjoy the overly animated faces or the new art look, but one thing we’re sure of is is that it’ll be a change on the traditional SFIV formula. Watch the gameplay footage (and the video interview if you have time) then tell us what your SFIV impressions are. Ryu-kick!

Writers Guild Strike might help video game industry

wgapicketing_225.jpgAre you sad because you have no shows to watch like How I met your mother or Heroes season ending soon. Well turn around bright eyes at least it hasnt turned down the production of the video game industry. In fact it might be helping the industry, according to a hollywood Reporter.

The few video game writers who are members of the WGA aren’t affected by the current strike (aside from possibly getting some competition from their fellow striking writers). However, the Hollywood Reporter says that the gaming industry is improving due to the lack of original television programming, which has inspired more people to play video games in their spare time. Personally, we’ve used our time away from our TiVos to work on our cross-stitching. Have you been playing more games due to the the deluge of reruns?

Teknorumor 360 making a motion sensor controller

xbox-360-controller-right.jpgAfter an erroneous rumor concerning an Xbox 360 motion-sensing controller prototype made the internet rounds yesterday (turns out it was a known Wiimote prototype), the folks at TeamXbox claim to know a little something something and – after said rumor made waves – felt compelled to share with us a little early. They said, “ can confirm that Microsoft has been researching alternative input technologies for the last two years” including motion-sensing technology ala the Wiimote or Sixaxis.

They also note that Microsoft is specifically looking to improve the right-analog stick (request to MS: fix the D-pad while you’re at it), and TeamXbox will “bring you a real list of next-generation Xbox controller prototypes soon.” We skipped the previous rumor but since TeamXbox is putting their neck out on this one, we’re inclined to give it a little more weight. We’ll know if they’re right soon enough.

Modbook might actually ship


For a device which has lived solely in the hearts and minds of hopeful buyers for such a long time, the Modbook has certainly seen its fair share of news. The latest dispatch comes in the form of a letter from the “Other World Computing Team,” marketers for the Axitron-made tablet Mac, detailing expected shipment dates and new configuration options which are being made available. If you believe what you read, actual ModBook hardware will be shipping to buyers starting January 11th — of course, they’ve been claiming a ship date for about a year, so we recommend you take this one with a hefty grain of you-know-what.

And the Award Goes to… BioShock




 X-play a show featured on G4 has a yearly award ceremony episode in which they award the top game of the year. X-Play features the best of the year in gaming according to Adam, Morgan, and the staff of X-Play. Awards include Most Original Game, Best Strategy Game, Best Sports Game, Best Action/Adventure Game, and much more. It all culminates in the highly coveted Game of the Year Award. Games like Bioshock, Assassin’s Creed, Halo 3, Portal, Call of Duty 4, and tons more. And the winner for game of the year, even by the Yahoo game bloggers, was BioShock. Favored and feared by most who play it, Bioshock deserves the award because of it’s great story line, graphics, and just because. Even thought there were several other games out there that were just as great, Halo 3, BioShock won the award. To see who else was awarded awards find out at      



Ality’s Wireless PIXXA puts a hack load of internet

ality-wireless-pixxa.jpgWe thought we were getting all fancy with RSS-capable wireless photo frames. The new Wireless PIXXA 8-inch Wi Fi frame from Ality not only works with the likes of Flickr, but syncs with popular online calendars and news sites as well, including a special Photo Messenger feature that allows friends to push embarrassing photos instantly onto the frame and in view of your holiday guests. The 800 x 600 resolution should be plenty, and in addition to the traditional card reader there’s 2GB of built-in storage. Ality should be selling the PIXXA in the first half of next year for $299.

Toshiba HD-A3 with 12 Free movies available at wal-mart “secret” sale

wal-mart-hd-dvd-12.jpgThere’s certainly been no shortage of HD-DVD deals lately (or Blu Ray ones, for that matter), but it seem like those looking to get the biggest movie collection right out of the gate won’t be able to do much better than Wal-Mart’s upcoming “secret” sale, which includes a Toshiba HD-A3 player with twelve free HD-DVDs for $298.

That, of course, includes the usual two movies in the box and five more by mail, plus an additional five that you’ll get “instantly” when you buy the player (no word on what you’ll have to choose from). You’ll have to get up early if you want to walk away with that stash, however, as the sale gets underway tomorrow at 8 am sharp, when you’ll also be able to snag a 50-inch Vizio plasma TV for $998 or a 40GB PS3 with a free $50 gift card for $399, among other slightly less notable deals.

Heroic Map Pack brings back the Soccer Ball

halosoccer-7th-c-415-1.jpg   It seems their is a new object in forge and I guess it is a Soccer Ball! whaa yes thats right a Soccer Ball. Heres the source from Xbox 360 Fanboy “So, everyone with an Xbox probably knows about the hidden soccer ball in Halo 2. The fancy lads over at 7th Columnist have uncovered that the soccer ball is making its return in Halo 3 via the upcoming Heroic Map Pack . Apparently the recently held press previews of the Heroic Map Pack revealed that the soccer ball would appear as one of the special Forge items available for the new map Foundry. Foundry, if you don’t know, is a special map that is composed almost entirely out of objects players can manipulate inside Forge. In other words, the level can be treated as a blank slate upon which to design the ultimate Halo 3 map from the ground up. Now if only there were some way to make the game keep track of goals.”- Xbox 360 Fanboy