Month: May 2008

Leopard 10.5.3 on OSx86(Hackintosh)

Leopard 10.5.3 is out and ready for all mac users, except for some of us Hackintosh users. Until now, a little script that makes 10.5.3 work! Credit goes to netkas and iSkylla Update 1: Getting Root Error Message, Probably means...

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Multi Touch Comes to OSX

[youtube][/youtube] Lux is an experimental framework that brings full screen multi-touch to OS X. As you can see in the video above it allows a quasi-iPhone like experience in OS X. The...

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Mac Desktop in Entertainment

[youtube][/youtube] Mac is probably the most user friendly OS. So friendly it has been made into a music video featuring the song Again & Again By “The Bird and...

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