Star Wars – The Force Unleashed (XBOX 360)

Let me start by saying that this game is a must have for any Star Wars Fan out there.  Not only is this a great game but the story line is cannon.  That’s right “cannon”.  For any fan out there it fills in some interesting details about the rebellion, its real origins as well as […]

star wars force unleashed

Let me start by saying that this game is a must have for any Star Wars Fan out there.  Not only is this a great game but the story line is cannon.  That’s right “cannon”.  For any fan out there it fills in some interesting details about the rebellion, its real origins as well as provide some insight into the Sith Lord himself.   On top of that, it finally brings to the table the feeling of being a real Jedi and pushes the next gen consoles to their limits.  My Review after the Break


First off the storyline in this game is in ,all honesty, far more compelling then all of the 3 prequel movies combined and truly makes for a game that you want to keep playing till the end.  The time frame for the Force Unleashed is between Star Wars Episode III and IV when Vader and the Emperor are in the process of extinguishing the last of the Jedi Order.  During this time, Vader starts to groom a secret apprentice.  An apprentice who is incredibly powerful in the force.  Just how powerful we come to find out as we play through the game.


This is what makes TFU so much fun.  Finally there is a game where you really do feel like you have the full power of the force at your command.  Almost anything and everything around you can be used with the force and becomes your arsenal as your decimate all that oppose you.  You can force push one enemy while flinging another one through the air.  You can fling your light Sabre and stab someone while electrocuting someone else. You can Jedi dash at someone while blowing them out of the way with a force repulse.   The developers of TFU really did an amazing job on all that you can do using the force that really makes you feel like a Jedi.

During the game you acquire force points that let you become stronger in your force powers.  You can then choose to apply these points to the force powers you want most and this adds a nice customization capability depending on your style of play.  There is a pelonthra of moves and combos available to you with button combination’s that are quiet intuitive and give a lot of dynamic to the game and change things up so that it doesn’t ever become repetitive.  You can figure out a 1000 different ways to deal with your enemies and that never gets old.  By far the greatest revelation to me during the game was when I was able to grab a Tie Fighter using the force and bring it down on my enemies.  Nuff Said.  My only complaint during the game play is that at times the game changes view from the 3rd Person perspective to a Side Camera which does get annoying as it becomes difficult to target objects that you want to use the force on.   Since almost anything and everything around you can be force grabbed, there are some frustrating moments when the character will randomly target the wrong things.  Luckily, this doesnt happen too often and once you get the hang of how the targetting system works its not too bad.


The game features some interesting new technologies like Digital Molecular Matter.  DMM allows the objects in the system to behavre like their real world counterparts.  Trees splinter and break when bent.  Metal will bend and glass will shatter.  This gives must needed realism to video games that has been lacking up till now.  The only downside is that not everything has been giving the DMM treatment due to its heavy processing demands.  This leads to some odd cases where certain objects will break and crush while others are completely impervious to anything you do.  Fortunately this isn’t too blatant.  The second piece of technology is the Euphoria engine.  This is one i really enjoyed as this can give you some very expected and unexpected behavior from your enemies.  My favorite one was force grabbing a storm trooper and pushing him over a ledge, as i dragged the character over it grabbed onto the ledge as i let him go he continued to hang on until he got tired and fell to his death.   All of these things just really give the game an immersive quality not found on other Star Wars games and definitely pushes the next gen consoles to their limits.


This is where the game suffers a little bit.  Playing through it I kind of got the feeling that at some point in the final development period of this game, they simply called it quits and shipped it.  I honestly think that the game needed some more polishing if anything.  Specifically in the menu-ing system.  I encountered a glitch where the game stopped recording any of my secondary objectives and had the words Default Text written into one of the menu headings.  Fortunately i was able to finish the game without trouble but I am one of those players that loves to get achievements and this error prevented me from recording a specific achievement that i found rather frustrating after all my efforts.  I am hoping that a patch will come out to fix it but so far it has not happened.  I did not encounter any major glitches in the game that prevented me from playing and moving on which was a pleasant surprise.


Basically this game is a must have for anyone thats even remotely into Star Wars.  The levels are well designed. the worlds unique, the grapics excellents and a story that would make an excellent Movie..  Star Wars – The Force Unleashed receives a Teknojunkie 5 out of 5.

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