Month: June 2009

What’s new in the iPhone OS 3.1 Beta?

Well, iPhone OS 3.1 Beta just went live on Apple’s developer center and, as usual, it’s a quest to figure out what has changed. Our lovely developer friends have already started tearing it apart in search of that hidden gem...

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iPhone 3.0: Everything you need to know!

In March 2009, Apple officially announced iPhone OS 3.0, the upcoming operating system update to the 2.2.1 software currently running on iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod touch, and second-generation iPod touch hardware. A beta version of...

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A Button which kills Xbox Live!

Heres some exciting news, The Sunday Times Magazine took a look at Microsoft’s data centers, detailing the gear behind the “clouds”. Here is the emergency shut down button at Microsoft’s 500,000 SQF...

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How To: EOS Movie Recorder Mac Fix

I downloaded the new version of EOS Movie Recorder which lets your Canon 40D record video, this time on a Mac. So I downloaded it and installed it, but it would crash right away. Soon I found out, you need certain frameworks, in...

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