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iPhone OS 4.0 Detailed & Unearthed

On April 8, Apple unveiled plans for the biggest and most exciting iPhone software update yet. iPhone OS 4 will include over 100 new user features for iPhone and iPod touch owners to enjoy. And for developers, a new software development kit (SDK) offers over 1500 new APIs to create apps that are even more powerful, innovative, and amazing.

Apple has announced iPhone 4.0 OS Today, and has made it available for the developers. Luckily we here at Tekno Junkie have dev accounts, and we will be updating you guys on every feature we can lay our hands on through this update.


The iPhone’s homescreen (Springboard) has been quite renewed, more polished icons, faster animations, its been heavily recoded.


Apple has added a jailbreak lovers favorite, just like on the iPad you can have custom wallpapers, on the Home screen.


Spotlight introduced back in 3.0, lets you quickly search for anything on your iPhone, now it lets you search the web and wikipedia.

Multi Tasking:

EDIT: Once you double tap to get to the multi tasking UI, if you touch and hold, like you would to rearrange applications, it will bring a – sign usually where ‘x’ button is, it will let you quit that application. “Force Quit…” doing its job!

Yes, the big one everyone was waiting for. Apple has done a new way with multi tasking where certain apps will add API’s inorder to multi task. Such as Pandora, need to add the music background service inorder for it to multi task, The only applications that would truly multi task were the ones included with iPhone.

Music – Shades of White – Supermarket Love


Apple has brought a new way of organizing your applications, with the use of folders. Folders don’t open into another app, but are apart of the home page, you can make a folder by dragging an application onto another one, and the iPhone will try to use a name based on the applications. You can as well rename them.

Spell Check:

Introduce on the iPad, its now welcomed onto the iPhone, basically fixes your words. After they have been typed if the keyboard misses them.

Game Center:

Woah! Never saw this one coming. This is Apple’s competition against, Nintendo, PSP & Xbox Live. Game Center as of right now has no use, since no applications support it. Game Center, is a fast way of communicating with your friends, in games. Allows invites, achievements, and much more.

Essential Applications:


The Phone application is roughly the same. No new features found as of yet.


Apple announced, the Mail app will introduce a unified inbox. Letting you view all your email accounts from one inbox basically. You can also switch between inboxes more quickly, organize messages by threads, and will give you the option of letting you open attachments in third party applications. Another feature we saw, was the ability to scale down an image when sending it as an attachment, for quicker sending process.


Safari for the iPhone has much improved since the beginning of the OS. In 4.0 only a few changes have came. One is Safari shows a header for each website visited, instead of just the domain URL. Another feature, we have spotted was Google Suggestion. Indeed. Google Suggestion. A long awaited feature.


The only main feature thats been added to the iPod application, is Custom Playlist. No more “On The Go” you can make your own playlist. With its own name. Another neat graphical change which has been added is the way your Songs are displayed in artist view. It has more of an iTunes Store look. No useful feature, but looks much nicer, and fits the iPod section even more.

iPhone Applications:


Couldn’t find any new features, but Apple has provided an API to developers letting them have In App SMS.


Calendars for the most part looks pretty much the same, With the exception of Apple adding a button to the top left which lets you filter your calenders.


The new Photos Applications has many new features, Apple has now added that option like on the iPad of having Events, and Faces synced for iPhoto.

You can rotate picture from your camera roll. If your accelerometer didn’t switch when trying to take your picture in landscape, worry no more just press rotate.


On the 3GS Apple introduce tap to focus, but for only Picture, now you can manually tap to focus while recording. The camera application lets you ZOOM, up to 5x digital zoom that is. 5x zoom seems too much for a 3.2 megapixel camera. Maybe the new iPhone will have a better camera hmmm.

Youtube & Stocks:


You are able to run YouTube Videos in Portrait Mode.

Youtube and Stocks are exactly how they were in 3.0


The only difference we could find with maps, is the change in icon, and GPS background services. The locator icon has been changed to what looks like a cursor/arrow type.

Weather, Voice Memos, Clock, and Calculator:

Seem to be exactly the same. Voice Memos and Calculator, have new icons though. Calculators, has been changed to not confuse people with “Folder” icons.


Settings is how its always been, settings for your applications. Now it runs in the background all the time so your able to get to your settings even faster.

iTunes & Applications:

Perform and function exactly the same as on 3.0


Nothing new.


EDIT: Adding a new contact in Contacts, gives you better looking layout to provide details about the contact.

Contacts has a new feature. letting you link certain contacts together.

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