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iPhone 4 Looks instead of Features?

Apple’s antenna not such a good idea?

Front, back, and side views of iPhone 4 in white.

It’s safe to say that a large number of people, including myself have been mesmerized over the looks of the new iPhone. Some of the new features are just downright awesome Facetime, multitasking, HD video, 5 megapixel camera and it goes on. Indeed we are seeing all these features, but at exactly what cost?

When Steve Jobs announced the iPhone at WWDC, new technology of the iPhone was explained. The retina display, larger camera sensors, and the new antenna system, a stainless exterior band wrapped around the phone. It looks amazing and performs an intriguing function. Its compromised of two parts, One part for Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and the other for UMTS and GSM.

Later today, people who have received the iPhone early, are having issues with reception, when putting your finger around the band, the reception seems to fall. I began to question whether or not this antenna is “revolutionary”.

iPhone 4 losing reception when placing your hand over the antenna band

Watching these videos, you can clearly see there is an issue at hand, could be software, could be hardware. ┬áIt’s like something has been taken by force.

Not trying to throw any negative light in front of Apple’s face, Im just wondering, why Apple hasn’t noticed this. Is this why Apple is releasing bumper rubber band cases to solve the problem. I’ve received high amounts of dropped calls with the iPhone, is it because of Apple and there antenna designs and not AT&T, which is probably not possible, AT&T is known for dropped calls.

Only a matter of time before Apple has to address this issue.

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