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WTF is correct, indeed .What the fuck, I’m I doing here? Well to the say the least, I am back. It’s been two fuckin years since I’ve made a god damn post. Well, I was never planning on making another post. But something hit me, that just fueled me again into writing.


So, I work with one of my buddies, we make amazing music, (Supermarket Love) or (I help with that), and we need OSX (Oh yeah, in that two years, Apple removed Mac from there OS names… who knew? oh yeah.. and Steve Jobs died.) anyways.. So, we need OSX, so we’re like we’ll just hackintosh the shit out of it. So I google around, and knowing i’m fuckin superb at hackintoshing (turned that shit into a verb).   I will install Mac OSX Lion, I go and do that, set up the OSX flash drive in about in an hour, coulda done it in 10 minutes, but internet and shit fell in the way. It’s ready! flash drive toasted, I plug that in, and install it, lion installs in a cool minute (20 minutes). Excited, and keep telling myself how “boss I am” [SwagForDays], I restart, upon restart guess fuckin what… KERNEL PANICS everywhere up in this biatch. No biggie, right, I restart, googlin and everythang, I figure it out, this motherboard [the main board used on a computer]  ISN’T COMPATIBLE WITH OSX LION!, figured this out about.. 10 hours laters. Started this yesterday at about 10am, so it was probably ar0und 7pm.

So I go and google, snow leopard guide on pc, and HOLY SHIT IT WAS THIS ONE, Snow Leopard PC GUIDE, It was the first result to appear on Google, I was proud, fueled with pride, and clicked it. Filled with interaction, swag, and me. I set off, to see how my abandoned baby, I left in the dumpster was doing. So, I go to the backend, and discover I have 2oo hundred comments to approve. I smiled. even after I left, theres people who find enjoyment in coming to a website that has retired. a website, where no activity from me has fallen in the past two years, a website that made people, laugh, excite, and amazed about the ventures we had in tech.

I’m reading the comments, and can see people need help. They need help in installing Snow Leopard?  when they could’ve easily gone to a better site such as, Lifehacker which has an expansive guide on how to do it. Then again they get paid for making that type of shit, I’m sure they love it though… So, i’m thinking to myself should I help these people? Nope, but what I will do is expand there minds.

Starting tomorrow, or a week from now, possibly next month. I will bring you amazing shit, I will be talking about what I believe is going on in the tech world, the swagger world (thats right I have found a taste for fashion style.), and the entertainment world.

It’s been two years, I go to college, I work at an awesome place, I manage music for an awesome artist, I make sick ass websites with John Offsprings, I have another blog that has swag shit


I am SwagForDays

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