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Intel demonstrates AMT

Intel is building up traction for its first dual-core mobile processor. Codenamed “Yonah”, the chip is scheduled to hit the market in the first quarter of next year. No big surprise that Mooly Eden spent time once again to explain the benefits of the processor – ranging from performance to battery saving features. Eden however […]

Yahoo buys DialPad

Rumors of Yahoo purchasing alternative VoIP provider Skype were just that. Yahoo has instead acquired DialPad . Yahoo has confirmed the acquisition of the 40 person Milpitas-based company, in a deal that reportedly closed Monday. But both companies are staying mum on the financials of the purchase. links to Toms Networking

Windows Longhorn

It has almost been over three (3) years since the release of Windows XP in (2002) and another year to go till we get to experience the much touted Microsoft Windows code named “Longhorn”. With Microsoft announcing the release of beta version of Longhorn available for developers in summer of 2005 distributing modified version of […]

Apple’s Tiger OSX

Apple recently released an new version of their operating system OS X, namely Tiger and version number now at 10.4 with ingenius technologies embedded into the operating system it makes this OS a lot faster and quicker than the previous version 10.3 (Panther). With built-in support for 64-bit computing and improved search capabilities using “spotlight” […]

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