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iPhone 16GB, 3G and more!

Well I wouldn’t want to say that I told you so, but I did! I knew it was coming and I had decided to keep this under covers, thanks to AT&T (T) CEO Mr. Randall, we all know that Apple is releasing a new version of iPhone (something we’ve all been hoping for…) An iPhone […]

25 Dream Jobs for Geeks

Geeks are like snowflakes: each is unique and special; not all wear glasses and use LINUX. Geeks have an assortment of interests and specialties that are not all computer oriented. If you’re a geek in search of some career guidance, don’t sell yourself short. While most companies do need an IT guy, let’s face it, […]

The Power of Apple and Leopard

After using Leopard for over one week, I’ve loved working on my Mac even more and more. Special and powerful features like Spaces, 64-bit support and faster Spotlight. The entire Mac experience is something to be had. Unlike Windows XP 64-bit edition the multiple “program files” folders and un-satisfying drivers and applications, OS X Leopard […]

Google reaches a new High $700+

This won’t be the first time in history that a company’s share goes past $700 mark on a single share/stock. But it will be the first time ever that a company takes such a short time in climbing such high towers. For Google to hit $700 makes it one of the most aggressive and efficient […]

TakeTV a new way to watch television

Take TV a revolutionary product that’ll allow you to watch Television without having to do funky madness wiring from your PC to your TV. I’ve seen scenarios where a TV-out or an HDMI cable is running from a PC’s video-out port being converted from DVI to HDMI using connectors of all sorts going through walls, […]

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