Author: amantheboy

Psystar Exposed

  Psystar isn’t playing to nice with their customers so Gizmodo decided to send some of their people to investigate. Things seem to be a little fishy, like changing your address not one time but three times hmm. We will...

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Hackintosh Going Commercial?

Well, I have been using a Hackintosh for quite awhile and seems like the company Psystar, they’re going commercial, by having to types of models the Open Computer(used to be named Open Mac) like the Mac Mini and the Open...

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Free Iphone

This Really Work I Signed Up for this and Recieved mine all you have to do is get 8 referalls and they will ship it to you immediatly this can’t be a scam so many people have tried it and if it was this thing would have...

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