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Its official, Apple will be holding an event on Jan 27th, “latest creation”

Yes, it’s true apple will be holding an even on Jan 27th, which briefs us about their “latest creations”

Tekno Junkie @ CES 2010

That’s right the folks over at Tekno Junkie will be getting the scoop on the latest tablets, 3d tv’s, and soo much more. Taking pictures, videos, interviews. So get ready. and refresh!

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Airstash a pocket sized wireless media server say whaa

Transfer files wirelessly to your iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Inside Look Centricly Be Followed: Reinventing Business

At Centricly, our goal is very simple: simplify and enrich the lives of others by mashing up relevant information with social media networks.

We believe that every business is a consumer and that every consumer is a business. Bottom line, we’re all trying to prosper from our social and business interactions.

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Fake Steve Jobs: Operation Chokehold

I’ll tell you something — I’m really blown away by the way people have responded to AT&T’s bastardly behavior over bandwidth usage. Our engineers are friggin livid. And, because they’re engineers, which means they’re basically evil little pricks, they’ve come up with a plan to teach AT&T a lesson. They’re calling it Operation Chokehold. Last […]

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