Safari 4 Beta vs. Firefox

Apple released Safari 4 Beta to the public, I quickly downloaded, installed and restarted my Mac Pro, this application runs very fast. I wanted to see how fast it really is hence I ran a Benchmark test provided by SunSpider.

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Here are some results from the Benchmark results SunSpider.

Safari 4 Beta: 903.8ms +/- 3.4%
Firefox 3: 2634.4ms +/- 1.7%

The amazing browser uses the latest W3C standards such as HTML5 and CSS3, and uses the Nitro JavaScript engine which makes it run about 4.5times faster than Firefox 3.

The only think lacking would be the ability to add extensions and add-ons like firefox supports. If safari had these abilities I wouldn’t need firefox.

iPhone 2,1 Gen:3

iPhone 4G Concept

I know you’ve been reading all this news on how the new iPhone will be coming out in June since we’ve found a hint to a code update on the firmware 2.2.1 which was released just a few days ago. As the initial iPhone is referred to as iPhone 1,1 and the iPhone 3G is iPhone 1,2 the new firmware hints at an iPhone 2,1 which means a complete overhaul of the iPhone internals.

Here is what I think is going to happen on the new iPhone:

  1. better camera (with faces) possibly an auto-focus
  2. video recording at at least 480p or 720p (its’ possible with a 4mp lense
  3. better battery life
  4. 32GB space
  5. snow-leopard based OS
  6. faster graphics and cpu Continue reading “iPhone 2,1 Gen:3”

Google updates Maps UI

Google Maps UI
Google Maps UI

Google updated their Maps UI today with a lot cleaner look’n’feel and icons + sliderbar, add some much needed clarity and class to it. The person on top of the slider bar enables the streetview for you and starts in full-screen. This also might be because Google has streetview almost all of the US and want to make it easier for users to access the feature. Plus with the new release of iPhone firmware update 2.2 streetview feature has been included.

This is definitely a step towards cleaner much refined application user interface.

I’d guess there’s a new UI designer on board at google, always looking forward to cleaner more user-friendly applications on the web.

Spore’s on iPhone!

Apple invited EA to see what the could create for the iPhone using the new SDK, a kit that no one has ever used before from EA. This is what EA had to create… Spore on iPhone, check out the screen-shots from the SDK event at Apple. Courtesy of Engadget for the nice photos =o)





Can’t wait to get my iPhone hooked on the new Spore game. Great work EA! this is amazing!

Guitar Rising

We’ve all been excited about the awesome addictiveness of guitar hero and rockband music video games attached with toy guitars, drums, mic and bass. What we have coming out very soon is GuitarRising.

Its not just a game but its almost like getting guitar lessons on your own pc or a game console using a real guitar. Who wouldn’t take up a chance to learn how to play a guitar along with having fun! Look forward to Guitar rising hitting the stores very soon.

The game comes loaded with 30 songs according to the website: and video on Daily Motion. But I’m sure there would be a way to add your favorite songs to the game by creating or obtaining sheet music/ guitar tabs. Teach yourself to play a guitar or (possibly) a bass. Nice!

Apple to update Mac Pro

Recently Anandtech wrote up an article comparing the Latest Intel Xeon 54xx series Harpertown 45nm processor, with Xeon 53xx series and AMD‘s 3rd generation Opteron cpus. The new Intel processor 54xx is an manufactured using the latest in nanotechnology, the processor takes only 107 mm² and contains somewhere around 410 million transistors. The cpu runs cool and is about 20% faster than the previous model 53xx.

Xeon 54xx
(thats 2 cores fit inside a penny)

iPhone 16GB, 3G and more!

Well I wouldn’t want to say that I told you so, but I did! I knew it was coming and I had decided to keep this under covers, thanks to AT&T (T) CEO Mr. Randall, we all know that Apple is releasing a new version of iPhone (something we’ve all been hoping for…) An iPhone with 16GB of Flash space (doubling the previous model, will definitely help me store more music) I’ve been having to delete and update my iPod playlist quite often (almost every other day) so I don’t keep listening to the same stuff everyday.

Expected to arrive sometime next year the iPhone v.2 with 3G for faster surfing and 16GB of Flash completing the product page for iPhone and giving the product line something to sit next to the 16GB iPod Touch and with the price of $599.

I’ll have to buy it for my wifey or not, who knows. I’m pretty satisfied with the iPhone I own. Anyhow it kinda spoils the surprise that Steve Jobs wanted to present to all of us. But hey the Hype/Rumor mill needs something to run on and this bit of news no matter how positive and helpful will definitely keep it running.

What do you think? will you buy one for yourself?

btw, the more can be a longer battery life!

25 Dream Jobs for Geeks

Geeks are like snowflakes: each is unique and special; not all wear glasses and use LINUX. Geeks have an assortment of interests and specialties that are not all computer oriented. If you’re a geek in search of some career guidance, don’t sell yourself short. While most companies do need an IT guy, let’s face it, you’re a genius, you’d be great at anything. Here are some of the ultimate geek jobs.

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The Power of Apple and Leopard

After using Leopard for over one week, I’ve loved working on my Mac even more and more. Special and powerful features like Spaces, 64-bit support and faster Spotlight. The entire Mac experience is something to be had. Unlike Windows XP 64-bit edition the multiple “program files” folders and un-satisfying drivers and applications, OS X Leopard did it right. Taking the power of 64-bit right to the core of the operating system, its unreal to see how all the software just works in perfect harmony and in a space saving manner.
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Google reaches a new High $700+


This won’t be the first time in history that a company’s share goes past $700 mark on a single share/stock. But it will be the first time ever that a company takes such a short time in climbing such high towers. For Google to hit $700 makes it one of the most aggressive and efficient companies ever. They’ve got great employee benefits, their heart is in the right place and they are definitely bathing in passion for the new technologies that are ever evolving and being adopted seamlessly by the common public. in just a short 2 months the share price has risen from a low $492 on August 16th 2007 to an amazing high of $704 today on October 31st 2007. This is a major feat given that the company is simply on a roll. If I had just purchased just a simple 6-10 shares @ 492 = $2952 – $4920. I’d have my hands on a good chunk of $4224-$7040, thats a profit of an easy $1272-$2120. Definitely worth the penny on my watch a 70% increase, which will make anyone a happy camper!

A market capitalization of $218 billion. With a planned 1st year target of $739 giving Google all the edge it needs to jump-in and purchase the 700Mhz band. We don’t know but its just speculation.

As new updates come, Google is planning on launching Gmail 2.0 check this link here for more information as part of adding IMAP functionality which is randomly showing up on peoples gmail page as Google transitions systems to support all accounts, not to forget that GMail storage is now past 4.5GB.

In more news Google is partnering with Nielson, launched an update Orkut, planning on releasing Gphone in 2 Weeks and reveals open-source API.