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January 26th Apple Convention confirmed by Fox News

Apple’s January 26th convention has officially been confirmed by news giant Fox News. Sources state that the convention will focus mainly on the “mobility space”, which may suggest…

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Apple, AT&T Vs. Verizon. New Apple Ads. Round 2

You think Apple is going to take its fancy phone being relegated to the Island of Misfit Toys in a Verizon ad laying down? Nope. These two new iPhone ads seem to gun right at the big V. – Gizmodo

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AT&T’s and Verizon ‘s Fiasco

These past couple of weeks have been really berserk over the whole AT&T and Verizon. AT&T has argued, that Verizon’s advertisements are misleading, showing users maps of AT&T network coverage with blank areas that represent no signal at all. Verizon then shows its own map with a higher amount coverage, while AT&T portrayed much smaller. […]

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Apple introducing a couple new things tomorrow?

Look out soon, it seems like Apple is coming out with some new Products, refresh of the white Macbook, Design revision for iMac! Click the read link to read more.

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Apple’s departure prompts questions of chamber representation

…Preceding Apple in departure were Pacific Gas & Electric, PNM Resources and Exelon. Nike also withdrew from the chamber’s board, but retained its membership.

The Mac maker has recently pushed to highlight its environmentally friendly approach, and began reporting carbon emissions of its hardware for the first time. Apple has said that its products themselves produce a great deal more emissions than its operations or manufacturing….

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