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Tekno Reminder: MMS on iPhone coming Friday, or simply do it today

Many of you already know MMS is coming to the iPhone this Friday, Regardless, we are almost done with the wait people. AT&T is finally putting a go on MMS. Sure, this day marked in your calendars but would any of you like to take bets on whether or not the network will buckle when […]

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Play MKV Files in Quicktime X

Snow Leopard is a very sleek and nice Player. But can only open mp4, quicktime files and iTune files. Why not the famous mkv files?, well until now thanks to this short guide. Read on to find out how to play your favorite hd files, with Snow Leopard’s Quicktime X.

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How To: Snow Leopard on PC AMD

Use Snow Leopard on AMD

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Snow Leopard USB Boot Method

Boot Snow Leopard Via USB

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Boot Retail Snow Leopard Disk On PC

How To: Boot Your Retail Snow Leopard Disk

Boot your Snow Leopard Via DVD

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