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AT&T Upgrades its network as wireless traffic increases.

AT&T has invested nearly $65 million into 3G network upgrades in the San Francisco Bay area in response to massive growth in total data traffic over the past year. – Apple Insider

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Verizon Responds to AT&T “The Truth Hurts”

“Verizon filed an aggressive legal response Monday as part of its ongoing defense against AT&T, accusing its competitor of overreacting to “the truth” of its wireless data service.” – Apple Insider

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AT&T’s and Verizon ‘s Fiasco

These past couple of weeks have been really berserk over the whole AT&T and Verizon. AT&T has argued, that Verizon’s advertisements are misleading, showing users maps of AT&T network coverage with blank areas that represent no signal at all. Verizon then shows its own map with a higher amount coverage, while AT&T portrayed much smaller. […]

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CoverAction, Actions for Covers

Cover Actions Pro for Mac, change the way you do business online.

$10,000 USB Flash Drive WTF!!

The Greek goddess of memory, Mnemosyne, would surely be proud of this product bearing her name. For starters, it comes at a price few mere mortals can afford and is couched within an extravagant all-aluminum body. The puzzle cube certainly provides a ceremonial feel to accessing the data within, and makers Solid Alliance are pitching it […]

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