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A Button which kills Xbox Live!

Heres some exciting news, The Sunday Times Magazine took a look at Microsoft’s data centers, detailing the gear behind the “clouds”. Here is the emergency shut down button at Microsoft’s 500,000 SQF center in Washington. You would infuriate a boatload of people if you pushed it. via[NYTimes] Via [Gizmodo]

Live Updates: ASEM at Computex with EFi-X™

This week is the week people, Art Studios Entertainment, are throwing off their entertainment again at Computex with the famous EFi-X™ device. Fresh new updates from Art Studios delivered here everytime we meet with them. For those you who don’t know what EFi-X™ is you can look at the review right here. EFi-X™ Review. The […]

New EFi-X™ Devices have been announced

Art Studios Entertainment have made it really far, with their new EFi-X™ Device, but now its about to go even bigger. At Computex 2009 they will realease 2 new devices, a EFi-X™ 2.0, and EFi-X™ PCi-E. Interesting stuff about to take place soon at Computex lets hope for the best.

Ancient Gate From the People who Brought you EFi-X™

A new game is on the horizon, called Ancient Gate, made by Art Studios Entertainment, if you visit Ancient-Gate, you are presented with a beautiful  teaser. It is now known, Art Studios is more than bringing fantastic products, but now games. Ancient Gate will be available for both Mac and PC. It will be rated […]

Typical Phone Fanboys

As you all know lately Apple just made some great news about the New iPhone OS 3.0, and its exciting features, well some people are moaning about how they have these features all ready, or they are making up useless info, which makes no logic sense, but is used to cover up half the errors […]

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