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ASEM© Boots EFi-X™ USA Reseller

ART STUDIOS ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA (ASEM), the company behind the EFI-X UEFI dongle, has severed its relationship with EFI-X USA LLC, its North American distributor. The whole situation started when EFi-X™ Usa started peddling generic PCs with pre-installed OS X and the EFI-X dongle. This upset ASEM which sought to block the American shop from selling […]

The Lonely Kid Without A PC

Hello, Its me again of course, Right now it is 1:12 AM, and I am bored out of my mind, On this Windows 7 Based Laptop. So what do I do, of course I blog. I wanted to Post this article a quite time ago, umm maybe around November 23rd but never had the chance. […]

New Windows 7 Build is Here!

As you all know we are hard at work testing and reviewing new Stuff. Well, Microsoft just seeded us the new build of Windows 7. Here is a Preview of it here. Review Coming soon This is Aman Fahimullah from Tekno Junkie.

Google updates Maps UI

Google updated their Maps UI today with a lot cleaner look’n’feel and icons + sliderbar, add some much needed clarity and class to it. The person on top of the slider bar enables the streetview for you and starts in full-screen. This also might be because Google has streetview almost all of the US and […]

Kevin Drew – Safety Bricks

Once Every Week all Post a new song that I am currently listening to, today is Kevin Drew with his featured song Safety Bricks, With Loving melodies and beats this song should be appealing to everyone. Kevin Drew is a Canadian musician and songwriter who, together with Brendan Canning , founded the expansive Toronto baroque-pop […]

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