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We are always interested in your ideas, so tell us in the comments what stuff you want to see. So let us know. For the EFi-X™ Fans update coming soon! Real Soooooon!

Windows 7 Walk Through

Lets Start… I have recently received a Disc of Windows 7. Windows 7 is coming soon next year, because of the dramatic failure that has been put into Vista. As being a Mac and Windows user, and doing Graphic Design and Gaming, I have to frequently switch between Operating Systems, and with Vista its becoming […]

Xbox 360 + iPod = Bmw iDrive 4.0

The much-criticized BMW iDrive central control dashboard has been updated to its fourth version, and it seems that this time they have got it right. Abandoning the previous compass-based user interface, the new iDrive adopts the hierarchical vertical menu system of the iPod, mixing it with an interface similar to the Xbox 360. Apart from […]

Your Camera Doesn’t Matter

A while ago, my Dad bought a Camera, a Canon 40D, it is a great camera, but what does it all put through. I happened on this article a while back and its message has always stuck with me (although I still obsess over new camera gear). But even a self-confessed gear addict can admit […]

Obama ’08 Change For Hope

Haven’t blogged a lot about presidents and politics but this just got me, this video is wonderful, a lot of visuals and nice designs in the video, who ever said graphic designers can’t express there opinions on politics and points of views.

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