EFi-X™ Is here and Reviewed


     As you all know by now EFi-X™ has been creating a big buzz around the Mac world. I have been testing the device for awhile and its amazing!, The Basic knowledge you need for this device is building a PC. The EFi-X™ device is for people who want to fill in that Spot for Apple Computers. They have the Mac Mini, Macbook Air, Macbook, iMac, Macbook Pro, —-, Mac Pro. The EFi-X™ falls along just in there, Its has a perfect Niche for the market. Video After Break.

     So as I was saying, I have been testing the device, I got myself a Leopard Dvd, No Modified Dvd, A 10.5.0 Leopard Dvd, I popped it in went over to the DVD Icon, Pressed Return, and it started loading up, I was in their, installed normally, and it restarted automatically booted to the Apple Drive. It loaded up, showed the intro video and I was in Leopard. It truly felt as if it was an Apple Computer, once I was in there scanned to see if I needed to install any drivers, nope EFi-X™ took care of everything. I knew 10.5.5 was out so, Updated to it, through software update, didn’t have to use a modified package, or any sort. Installed, Restarted and I was back in Leopard fully updated.

     Windows, works great on the device as well. Remember, nothing from the osX86 community was taken, it has been made by themselves, so please don’t feel offended as if they took something from you. So, right now its between EFi-X™ and DFE Boot-132. As you guy’s know EFi-X™ doesn’t have a big HCL( Hardware Compatibility List), That is a great thing because, they can improve on the components they are already working with, and better support for the devices. So here is the difference between EFi-X™ and DFE Boot 132. This video here explains EFi-X™.

This is suppose to be Unbiased

DFE Boot 132

Apple Software Update – Depends on the ‘Modified Kext you are Using’

Price – Free!

HCL – To many, but not all fully supported.

Retail Leopard Dvd and Installation – Not for a normal user, only experienced.

GUI- None


Apple Software Update – Yes

Price – $125 – $160

HCL – Not Many but all Fully supported

Retail Leopard Dvd and Installation – A 8 year old could do it

GUI- Nice and Beautiful

Even Though EFi-X™ Cost a Pocketed Price, its truly does what it says.

“Limitless Operating Systems, in a Limited World”


4 thoughts on “EFi-X™ Is here and Reviewed

  1. w/ boot-132, software update direct from apple website success probability is 98%

    w/ efi-x, “easyness” in retail leopard installation is exaggerated. can an 8-year old actually attach/install the efi-x device himself? 😀

  2. I am totally unable to comprehend as to how your are able to continue supporting Efi-x which is a total scam, expensive, and unreliable.

    Now that ASEM are operating out of Taiwan we in SE Asia have to ensure that people like Vkunov do not continue to use OSX as a means to charge people for breaking Apples EULA. ASEM is a sweatshop type of operation that has taken other peoples work OSX86 and created a method to assist people build a MAC, a factor that Apple will take seriously. Apple Asia are aware that ASEM is now operating in Taiwan – Psystar and the recent action has proven that clones belittle the Apple product, which cannot continue, and I am sure that if Apple continue to use Psystar, then ASEM will be roped in as well as it has been proven that Georg V has used open source code without attrition.

    You have a talent and I am surprised that you choose to use it to assist people in breaking Apple’s EULA, while promoting their products – you are somewhat two faced, and please do not rest easy Psystar will assist “kill Efi-x and some of the other half baked products that ASEM rarely ever complete.

    The world already knows what you are doing

    Efi-x is was an illegal scam…

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