How to: Enable MMS & 3G Tethering on iPhone OS 3.0 GM Build On Mac

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 is latest excitement among iPhone & iPod Touch users. iPhone Firmware 3.0 will add lot of goodies to your iPhone like copy past feature, MMS, Internet sharing, WIFI, Bluetooth support, Parental control etc. The release date of iPhone OS 3.0 is 17thJune.

iPhone OS 3.0 MMS  & 3G Tethering Settings

After WWDC 2009 apple also started seeding latest version of iPhone OS 3.0 Gold Master Build 7A341 to iPhone developers which is apparently leaked on torrent website and available for download. Those users who have upgraded their iPhone & iPod Touch to firmware 3.0 GM might be knowing that MMS & 3G Tethering is disabled on iPhone OS 3.0 GM.

If you want to enable Tethering & MMS on iPhone OS 3.0 here is simple How to guide.

How to Enable MMS & 3G Tethering On iPhone OS 3.0 GM Build 7A341

1. Download iTunes 8.20.13 (Mac Version) from here

2. Install iTunes 8.20.13

3. Run iTunes and Press ALT[option] + restore and locate iPhone OS 3.0 GM Build: 7A341. When restore is completed sync the iPhone.

4. Now Uninstalled iTunes 8.20.13 reboot your pc.

5. Download iTunes 8.20.10 (Mac Version) from here

6.. Install iTunes 8.20.10 reboot your pc.

7. Download ATT_US.ipcc from here

8. Run iTunes & ALT[option]+Update. Locate ATT_US.ipcc & Click ok.

9. Restart your iPhone & Enjoy MMS & 3G Tethering.

Please Note: Above guide is only applicable for Mac Users & iPhone users with AT&T network.

Thanks to the help of BlogsDNA as well.

If MMS is still not working for you, try this.

On your iPhone go to Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data Network and use these settings for MMS

APN: wap.cingular
Password: CINGULAR1
MMS Proxy:
MMS Max Message Size: [leave blank]
MMS UA Prof URL: [leave blank]

Method 2


Download This.

iPhone Tether

“UPDATE 6/17/09: Since 3.0 is out to the public now, people are actually starting to use this. However, in the final iTunes, before using iPhoneTether, you will have to run the Terminal command “defaults write carrier-testing -bool TRUE”. I will release a new version of iPhoneTether shortly that does this automagically for you. Also, a few days ago, I updated iPhoneTether to a new version that has an “Other IPCC…” button to allow you to specify your own carrier file. Good luck, and spread the word!
UPDATE 2: iPhoneTether has been updated to 1.1 with full compatability for iTunes 8.2 and 3.0 final, no Terminal hackery needed.”

If the first method is not working for you, try this method, MAC ONLY. I hope it works for all of you.

UPDATE #3 Video has been finally added


Try this method, no iTunes needed, this method is the easiest.

Go to this website on your iPhone safari.

1. I started off with a clean 3.0 firmware installation, which by default asks you to visit your service provider’s website to enable tethering. Bad times.

2. (SKIP THIS STEP IF YOU’VE ALREADY INSTALLED A PROFILE USING ) Now, if you have manually downloaded the MobileConfig file, email it to yourself so that you can open it as an attachment in the Mail app:

3. With the new profile installed, you can now turn on tethering in Settings -> General -> Network -> Internet Tethering:

Your iPhone should be beautifully glowing blue as well:

Thanks to Richard

Update #5

Thanks to JR , Cherie, Fake “Steve Jobs”

You need to have Family Unlimited Text Plan and you can just follow Step #2. Totally forgot I didn’t have Unlimited Family text Plan. I guess thats why its working for you. Again, Thanks, Let us know if it works for you without Family Unlimited Text plan. Thanks.

Another fast way mentioned by JR, is to Put your Sim in another phone, like I said. Then add the $5 text  plan to your line, not the iPhone Text Plan, then put the sim back in the iPhone and restart. But remember not to put back the iPhone Text Plan.

So either have Family Unlimited Text Plan or non iPhone $5 text plan.

Hope that helps.

It still works! 😀 😀 (BTW the pic is a pic of a kernel panic haha)

137 thoughts on “How to: Enable MMS & 3G Tethering on iPhone OS 3.0 GM Build On Mac

  1. Doesn’t Work. Nothing like this will until AT&T turns on Push data and MMS within their system. Tried all the steps & the settings listed. Better luck to all on the next solution.

  2. I was able to send a few and then it stopped… I have noticed that I can’t seem to get my Bluetooth headphones to work… Furthermore, I can’t play songs on my iPod… Any thoughts?

  3. Tip to all: if you download the carrier file from Safari, it will automatically unpack the bundle, and prevent iTunes from recognizing it as a carrier bundle. Instead, download it from another browser (like firefox.)

    1. GM is the same thing as the Final Launch of 3.0, I have tried updating to 3.0, through iTunes but it wouldn’t let me. It said I was at the latest version, So this should work. I will add more pictures.

  4. @SRS, I was talking to Thedam, Sorry about that. They server is probably down, because new iPhone’s are starting to get activated and 3.0 just hit today, wait for about an hour, and try again.

  5. MMS messages are failing to send. Tethering is working tho.
    I even tried the additional setting at the bottom of the walk through.

    Any thoughts?

  6. I did everything to Specs here.
    I can ALMOST send a message, but then it kicks it back saying there was an error.
    The sending indicator bar gets to about 90%.

    I also adjusted the setting indicted in the last step.

    Any thoughts? I am SOOO CLOSE

  7. When I install the linked download for iTunes 8.20.10 is installs iTunes 8.1.1? Any suggestions? Or am I just being retarded?

  8. where can I find that itunes in a 32bit format? currently running vista 32…

    also, when I click on shift + restore, the itunes ( look for a .ipsw file not a .ipcc file…

  9. Ive done all the steps and just like SPL and all them I am getting an error. I do get the red exclamation mark.
    I live in san diego

  10. @ Aman:

    I do get the red exclamation, I have following instructions on the new update.
    After hitting Alt+Update I navigate to the IPCC file (Not the ORIG) but both of them are greyed out…
    any hints?

  11. @Adam K The reason they are greyed out, is because, you have not sucessfully downgraded your iTunes software, Click iTunes, at the Top, and about iTunes, see what version it is.

  12. scratch that, I deleted the older ipcc from the original instructions.
    That freed up the new ipcc.

    Still receive the Red Exclamation mark

  13. tethering is working. MMS Nope :(.

    I know I’m close. Right now running the latest version of iTunes.

    Do I need to start from scratch?

  14. I got it working but then it disappeared (the icon/settings) but the MMS setting is still in network along with tethering, any ideas how to bring back my MMS?

  15. installation of iTunes was a bit rocky (since I previously had .23)… but was able to get over… uploaded the ipcc, reboot, set the network settings… and now when I send an image, it display an exclamation on the right side, if I click it, it give me an option to retry…. I do so, but it never sent it…

    AT&T in Florida

  16. Aman – first of all, thanks for putting this page together! I’ve been reading on other sites that MMS seems to only work for folks on a family plan with non-iPhones, who have a messaging plan. It seems that the iPhone texting plans have a provision in place that prevents MMS for being sent to the number (that’s how the “view message at” texts are delivered,) and also prevents us to send MMS even with the carrier bundle 5.

    Question for you – are you on a family plan? Does this theory make sense in this case? I’ve called ATT 5 times today to get the MMS provision removed from my account, three agents tried, but then said that they were unable to go forward. A message of some sort tells them under no condition can they provision the changes.

    Anyone with thoughts or success stories?

  17. Okay, tried rebooting iphone, have all options available, can tether, get an exclamation mark when trying to send MMS, cant seem to figure out why. Any help would be appreciated.

  18. I’m not under family plan… single line, unlimited data, unlimited text, 400 talk minute… I wonder if Steve is right…

  19. @ Steve Jobs thanks for the comment, I am on a family with 4 lines 2 iPhones and 2 samsungs, this is pretty strange, why is it working for me and not you guys, what you guys can try doing, is put your sim in another phone, send a mms to Someone so AT&T can activate your the imei on that phone, and then put the sim back in the iPhone and try sending an mms

    side note: Steve jobs arn’t you the CEO of apple tell AT&t to enable it for everyone ! Lol!

    Hope this helps, I want this to work for you all

  20. Followed directions precisely three times including all phone and computer reboots and I’m still getting the red (!). Like everyone else, tethering works fine.

  21. So after hours of trying to figure all this crap out, I finally got MMS working on my iphone. I have a regular non unlocked iphone. And believe it or not, switching my sim card into my friends nokia actually worked. When i put it back, I was able to receive and send MMS. As far as tethering goes, thats been working since i upgraded.

  22. i was reading a post, where it says that yes you have to put your sim into a no iphone, try mms, and the then put sim bak to your iphone plus log in to your att account to register your number and then mms will work, i’ll find the site for you all… i’m getting red ‘!’ my self…, i’ll post back ASP…

  23. I *had* MMS working last night. This morning, though–I started getting the red exclimation point. I had to do the sim-swap trick in my old phone, but apparently this doesn’t last. I’m going to call AT&T again this afternoon to see if they can do any voodoo on their end.

  24. Now i still have the settings in network but the camera icon in messages disappears, and the messages option is gone 🙁

  25. i did all with the site and a different old phone but no go… what about this ? should i do it or live it blank ?

    APN: wap.cingular
    Password: CINGULAR1
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Max Message Size: [leave blank]
    MMS UA Prof URL: [leave blank]

  26. There must be some carrier restrictions put on the actual SIM card because the SIM card from my wife’s non-iphone allows me to send mms from my iphone when i insert her card, in addition, when i insert my SIM into her phone she can no longer send mms. AT&T simply needs to disable whatever restrictions that they have associated w/ our SIM cards.

  27. still cant get the MMS to work, tethering works great but I still get the red exclamation mark even after doing update 4




    ALL SET !!!!!!

  29. Can’t just add any text plan it must be a family unlimited plan!! No need to add username and password in cellular network data settings on iphone. Just follow Method 2 above and make sure you have the correct text plan with AT&T. Everything works just fine!

  30. I have a family plan with 3 iphones on it and it dosent work, do you know why? we have unlimited group[ texting also

  31. Hmm, I have the 30 dollar unlimited family text plan but i am still getting the red !!!!! marks of doom. Any advice?

  32. Now stopped working :(, looks like they checked my iphone is trying to use the ‘no iphone text plan’, so now it’s not working.

    you Need family text pack for it to work, that’s all. all other steps are right. $15 text pack and mms will work.

    For $15 at&t will let you hack their hole system. Hell with them and their mms. I’m done.

  33. Alright Guys,
    So I put a post up yesterday about how I got mine working. I am on the att unlimited messaging family plan. I followed the instructions from the top of this exactly and still had no luck what so ever regarding sending MMS. Kept getting the whole RED explanation mark. Finally I read on a different site to try and send it using another non iphone.
    What I did is:
    1st: I sent a MMS using my mothers phone and it worked fine. Then I received an MMS on her phone.
    2nd: I then switched the SIM with my iphone SIM. From here I tried sending an MMS and still no luck. It would not allow or something.
    3rd: I was getting ready to give up so I put the SIM back in my iphone and suddenly I received an MMS that I had tried sending to myself earlier.
    Since then, Its been working fine. I can send and receive all MMS.

  34. Dennis, i tried the same thing you tried and it didnt work for me. i guess im just gonna have to wait untill the summer to get mms. thanx for the idea though

  35. Sorry for doubting dennis. i just send a pic to my wife and it actually worked. thank you very much man you’ve just saved me a lot trouble thank you

  36. So i put my iphone sim in my Girlfriends “Blackjack II” and i was not able to send an MMS text with it. She doesnt have a Data plan, but we do have unlimited Family text. I put her blackjack II sim in my iphone and was able to send MMS Texts with it. Any ideas?

  37. if you already put your sim card back in your iphone you should be able to send text now, try it again and it should work.

  38. my mms still isnt working but tethering works just fine? what the hell and i followed all the steps. I even took out the sim put it into another non-iphone and tried to send an MMS, but it said forbidden :(. Why does this work for everyone awesome, but me. I have a family plan with unlimited text and everything, and my friends at AT&T checked out my account and said that my iphone account doesn’t even have MMS opt out on it! If it did they were going to take it off, but regardless they tried to add on every single kind of MMS package to my iphone account to try and enable it, but again failure. The sim trick didnt work, and I tried removing parts of information from the MMS settings in the cellular data network portion of the general network part of the phone. I am lost. I get as far as installing MMS and tethering, but I still cannot receive or send pictures…that fucking red exclamation point haunts my dreams. WHAT CAN I DO!!!! I am lost in the world. Also a bit of an update, no one at any At&T store knows when this MMS update will be released. I know this because I work in the King of Prussia mall in philly and I tricked many of my friends who work there into telling me that they have no idea. They’re retarded, but they know how to hide things well unless youre close with them. Anyway, my MAIN question is, in order to successfully have MMS working on your iphone do you think you would have to completely uninstall itunes from your mac and then reinstall it? I saw that in the directions, but I didnt take it to seriously. I just thought it meant to install the other version over the previous. Please someone hit me back up with some comments and help. It would mean the world to me and it will WILL CHANGE my life. Thanks and peace!

  39. Paul Pi omega delta, if you did every step, put the sim back to a non-iphone, go to and register your number ‘it’s free’, that website will send you a 4 digit password to put it back in the same site and once it’s registered try a mms on that phone or a couple of calls then put sim back to iphone, restar iphone and you should have mms.

    peace !

  40. i tried the above and am having same problem, it says–SorryThe phone with this wireless number is not supported by My MEdia Net. Please check the number entered or you can visit

  41. I stayed up till midnight doing all steps—even Restored deleted itunes got old terminal hacked…nothing…my wifes phones sim works, but mine and daughters doesnt both iphone cards daughter is on medi net service and we have unlimited family text

  42. just got off phone with ATT…If you go to an ATT store with an old phone and say you cannot send picture messages, they will give u a new sim card…supposedly once you put ur card in iphone and register through Itunes, you are finished and cannot use that sim. Looks like some people get lucky by the whole switching of cards from phones, but I did it all night, even got wife mad at me , and NO DICE. looks like your best bet is to throw your sim into an old phone and go there saying you are trying to raise money for new iphnone 3gs and till then you cant send text messages. they will replace your sim card for free

  43. Well, after leaving my card in my wifes phone overnight and sending a new text this morning, THEN putting sim back in iphone and RE updating Bundle settings and rebooting, it works!!!! Working on daughters now

  44. My problem now is that every time i put the sim back to my iphone i can use mms for a copule of minutes and then it stops working again, looks like when my device updates at at&t website it stops working.

  45. hmm…its been about four days now and my MMS is still going strong. I just had my friend text me a pic and it worked great. I really have no other ideas as to why its not working for anyone with the unlimited family texts. Srry

  46. i just did the jailbreak on my iphone and my mms went away, the interent tethering still works but not my mms it doesnt show me the little camera on the text mssg window,, any ideas

  47. oh btw. Is uninstalling itunes really important in this process? I dont uninstall itunes from my mac I just reboot and install the pre-release version. Do you guys think this will make a significant change?

    1. @Paul Pi Yes, uninstall the previous versions, iTunes, will share the .plist and xml info, removing it, iTunes knows you don’t have a later version, letting you to update your ipcc correctly.

  48. My 3GS and 3G both work for tethering and MMS by loading the’s ‘ATT_US.ipcc’ file in the pre-ver. 8.2 iTunes beta,(opt-‘check for update’-not ‘restore’) and, I am on a family plan with AT&T with 1500 text a month option.

  49. I can’t wait to try this. Initially when I tried, I hadn’t uninstalled my iTunes either. But reports from this comments show a full-on success rate!

    Thanks so much Aman!

  50. To all struggling with getting MMS AND Tethering to work on AT&T’s network in the states, here is the complete answer. To start, follow the instructions at the very top (1-9) and don’t use any of the updated steps. You will need to enter your mms settings in the appropriate area though. Especially don’t use the option as this will disable visual voicemail. After you have done the nine steps exactly as listed (plus inputed your mms settings), power down your phone and remove your sim card (paperclip in the little hole at the top). This is the most crucial step as it requires another AT&T phone (non-iphone) to be used. Borrow a friends for a minute or get crafty and go into a store, you figure it out. Either way, take your sim card and put it in a non-iphone used on the AT&T network. Power up the phone and make sure you can make a call. After you make a successful phone call, send a picture message to someone from the phone. When this succeeds, power down the phone and take out your sim card. Put your sim card back into your iphone and everything should be working. Good luck.

  51. Thank you very much Trevor! I just tried your method and it works!

    I followed steps 1-9, then added the MMS settings, then turned off the iPhone in question. I then took out the SIM card with a pin and plugged in the card in my sister’s blackberry. I took a picture and sent it as an MMS to myself. Then I made a phone call and made sure that was working as well.

    I took out the sim card from my sisters phone plugged it in to my iPhone and then sent an mms to her blackberry to make sure that it really works and it does! Here is a picture for the proof:

  52. Why is that i get it to work and then it stops again ?

    i put my sim into old phone try it and work, put it back to iphone and work for a couple of minutes and stops again ?

  53. @JR I agree, the same thing has happened to me as well.

    With the method above I had the MMS working for probably 5-10 minutes and then it stopped working, I think what’s happening is that AT&T knows about this work-around and as soon as it detects that an iPhone is sending MMS they block the ip of the iPhone or something that identifies the iPhone on their network.

  54. It has been a full day since I activated the MMS and mine still works. Sorry guys 🙁 I think it may have something to do with being on an unlimited text family plan.

  55. It has nothing to do with having an unlimited family plan cuz i fo and it worked untill i did the jailbreak on my phone.. Now. Does anybody have an idea why after the jailbreak the mms doesnt work?? Let me know.. Thank you

  56. Thanks Aman Fahimullah!!! Got both Tethering and MMS photo icon in the text message box but get a red error. Hmmmm installed the but the Carrier ATT says 4.9 and not 5.0 which is still installed and have not upgraded to iTunes new version, yet. Is there something I should do before proceeding?

  57. For those of you who get have a broken Visual Voicemail following any of the options above for mms and tethering, Follow these steps:
    Settings – General – Network – Cellular Data Network – Visual Voicemail
    Change APN to acds.voicemail
    Leave username and password blank
    Restart your phone.
    Also, for the record, my previous post regarding what works for me is accurate. Anyone else following different options may get that to work for them. This obviously means that there’s more than one way to get mms and tethering to work. Try options above until you find the one that works for you.


    Check that out guys… I uninstalled everything. Installed the APN patch from this website:


    Visit it on your phone, and input your data.

    Then go to the:

    And install that profile. Now goto your cellular data page and make sure everything looks like what mine looks like in the picture for the MMS settings, and boom; it works. Check the screen shot!

  59. ¡!¡ I got MMS & Tethering working on both iPhone 3G (8GB) & iPhone 3GS (16GB) !¡!

    How to Enable MMS & 3G Tethering On iPhone OS 3.0 GM Build 7A341

    1. Download iTunes 8.20.13 (Mac Version)
    2. Install iTunes 8.20.13
    3. Connect/Sync iPhone
    4. Run iTunes and Press “Option” + “Restore” *Restore to Phone OS 3.0 GM Build: 7A341
    5. Now Uninstalled iTunes 8.20.13
    6. Reboot your PC.
    7. Download iTunes 8.20.10 (Mac Version)
    8. Install iTunes 8.20.10
    9. Reboot your PC.
    10. Connect/Sync iPhone
    11. Download ATT_US.ipcc
    12. Run iTunes and “Option” + “Update”
    13. Locate ATT_US.ipcc
    14. Click “Ok” *Your carrier settings should be updated to support MMS & Tethering Now
    16. Call AT&T and have your “Messaging/Data Plan” change to:

    Mobile Web Packages – Text, Web, Email Users
    Bundled Feature – Messaging & Data Unlimited
    Price – $30
    Text – Unlimited
    Data – Unlimited

    15. Restart Your iPhone And Enjoy MMS And 3G Tethering.

    If MMS is still not working for you, try this:

    On your iPhone go to Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network and use these settings for MMS

    APN: wap.cingular
    Password: CINGULAR1
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Max Message Size: “leave blank”
    MMS UA Prof URL: “leave blank”

    *Please Note: Above guide is only applicable for Mac Users & iPhone users with AT&T network.

  60. i got mms and tethering but when send mms it goes like 90% in the sending bar and then it says message failed. do you think you know what is wrong?

  61. I did Method #2 and i got tethering to work. However i Don’t even have the option to enable MMS under the Messaging Settings. Any thoughts.

    FYI: I skipped method #1 and went strait to #2 > No install of Itunes 8.2.13

  62. ok, i finally got mms and tethering working on my took me a long time to get it right and i didnt call att one time. but you do need another phone that supports mms from att. without it, its a no go. its the only way to unblock mms on your accout.

    ok this is how i did it, im using itunes 8.2.1 this is the newest version. no beta needed. im also using windows vista 64.

    you will need the ipcc file. i got mine from and you will alos need to run cmd off you start menu and type in this or copy and paste it.

    \C:Program Files (x86)iTunesiTunes.exe\ /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

    this only works for vista 64!! once you do that then you can use itunes to update you iphone with the ipcc file.. press shift and click check for update. in the bottom right corner change it to ipcc files. then click on the ipcc file, then you have to reboot you phone..and bamm, there you go…

    no to get it to actually work, this is what i did and it worked great, for 2 days now and no problems. if you have a family plan, it wont work long…somehow mms get blocked again. i used a samsung go phone, a177 model. go online and log into you att account and go to my device and change it. you will not find the a177 phone. then click on my device not listed. then you can alter you messaging plan. change it to messaging unlimted. get ride of the iphone messaging plan. keep the iphone data plan the same. you must have that. click save and everything should work. it did for me. once i figured it out, it only took 5 minutes to get it all working.

  63. I tried method four which allows for tethering but it doesnt allow mms and doesn’t allow for the cellular data network to be shown. What should I do?

  64. Hey I got lots of them working for tmobile and AT&T but what I did was I unlocked the phone with ultrasnow after jailbreak then install a tmobile sim card but used AT&T apn settings. That will give you mms on the iPhone after the reboot. Next you need a non iPhone then you put sim in the phone call AT&T and tell them your mms is not working and they will send you a text message that will set up your mms configuration once recieved forward the text back to yourself after reinstalling sim into iPhone …. Prestow it will work even after the network checks imei

  65. I tried the method using this website the tethering works fine but the MMS is not working, to just make sure I am doing this right: go to AT&T and download the profile and reboot my phone it should show up the MMS right? but its not and I havent used other methods yet cause I dont wanna restore the phone 🙁 has anybody got this working without restoring the phone?

  66. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong…I also did the version and the tethering is working just fine…but the guys regular web site is in german…and he has not answered my emails…so I am still without MMS…which makes me mad…it’s ridiculous and unacceptable…lol

    I don’t get the cellular data network option in my network settings area either…and I don’t have the ability to use another phone or screw with the text messaging billing options…so I am kinda stuck…and for some reason I can’t get my itunes to recognize the ippcc file it has it faded and can’t be clicked on…and I don’t want to update to 3.0.1 yet…because I don’t want to lose the tethering that I have now…so what do I do…please email me
    thank you

  67. I haven’t take time to read all the comments.. But I can confirm that I have Family Talk and was getting only red (!) like so many of you. Only when I followed original 9 steps and did the sim card into my daughter’s phone and send a text – trick – did it all work. The SIM card from an iPhone is evidently coded with a ‘non-function’ lock until it’s placed into a noniPhone.. Those tricky AT&T people.. 🙂 Calling someone while your SIM is in the non-iPhone phone is NOT necessary. And in fact could confuse matters as AT&T will be able to see which phone your SIM went to. The website updates immediately with the new phone the SIM is in. Good luck all. LOVE my MMS and Tethering. Tethering still works in the 3.0.1 update too. Can’t say if anything will happen to your MMS upon upgrade.

  68. Damn!!! The next day — and the red exclamation marks are back. So they must know we’re doing this and as soon as our SIM goes back in our phone and registers with the website we’re non functional again.. Anyone know a workaround to make this change PERMANENT? It seems like they KNOW we’re doing this and are sending a reset message to the SIM once it’s back in our phone! Damn!

  69. To everyone who is getting the red exclamation mark when trying to send a mms message, i think i found a fix and its simply. On your iphone, go to settings, then click General, and at the bottom click Reset and finally click reset all settings. Should work, let me know.

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