iPhone 16GB, 3G and more!

Well I wouldn’t want to say that I told you so, but I did! I knew it was coming and I had decided to keep this under covers, thanks to AT&T (T) CEO Mr. Randall, we all know that Apple is releasing a new version of iPhone (something we’ve all been hoping for…) An iPhone with 16GB of Flash space (doubling the previous model, will definitely help me store more music) I’ve been having to delete and update my iPod playlist quite often (almost every other day) so I don’t keep listening to the same stuff everyday.

Expected to arrive sometime next year the iPhone v.2 with 3G for faster surfing and 16GB of Flash completing the product page for iPhone and giving the product line something to sit next to the 16GB iPod Touch and with the price of $599.

I’ll have to buy it for my wifey or not, who knows. I’m pretty satisfied with the iPhone I own. Anyhow it kinda spoils the surprise that Steve Jobs wanted to present to all of us. But hey the Hype/Rumor mill needs something to run on and this bit of news no matter how positive and helpful will definitely keep it running.

What do you think? will you buy one for yourself?

btw, the more can be a longer battery life!

3 thoughts on “iPhone 16GB, 3G and more!

  1. Dude, this is KRAP, one more way early adopters were screwed by APPLE. Apple needs to offer like a retrofit upgrade thing for existing iPhone buyers, to either be able to trade in their phones and get the new ones for like 2 hundred bucks, otherwise screw Jobs. These days I dont care much for 3G as much as I want Flash on Safari.. Nuff Said, until thats done, Im not spending another dime on an Apple product, we all need to boycott!!!

  2. Well according to my research and findings, Safari will eventually support Flash, and they way that’ll be done is that Adobe is working on Flash 10 which will support H.264 for videos as a standard format. So Safari and Flash will be best buds, not to mention All new flash content will be able to play natively on all existing iPhones.

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