iPhone 3G 3 Chipset 720p Recording, Real-time Video Conferencing Capable?


Engadget reports — based on the tear-downs we’ve seen — that the iPhone 3G S’ ARM Cortex A8 processor is capable of a wee bit more than Apple has thus far enabled. Currently running at 600MHz, it actually supports a top clock speed of 833MHz and here are the kickers: 720p video recording and real-time video conferencing. We’ll likely not see the clock speed ramped up for power-saving reasons, nor the video conferencing due to the lack of front-facing camera. But the 720p video recording? Apple, flip the switch!

Via [TIPB]

One thought on “iPhone 3G 3 Chipset 720p Recording, Real-time Video Conferencing Capable?”

  1. Wow, if its just a switch away then it should definitely be switched on, but the question is what kind of mega bits per second would this 720p be? It can’t be 15Mbps since its only a 3megapixel camera… that is the question…

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