This week is the week people, Art Studios Entertainment, are throwing off their entertainment again at Computex with the famous EFi-X™ device. Fresh new updates from Art Studios delivered here everytime we meet with them. For those you who don’t know what EFi-X™ is you can look at the review right here. EFi-X™ Review. The first thing that ASEM announced was the 3 new devices, the first one of which is the EFi-X v1.1, the Second EFi-X v2.0, and lastly the EFi-X Pro. Updates below! Stay Tuned for more. Read Updates after the break.

6:53 AM New EFi-X™ Website has been released

7:59 AM Computex EFi-X™ Booth Pictures

Art Studios Entertainment – EFi-X™ Booth

Art Studios Entertainment Media – Wilhelm von Vnukov – Core Member

Art Studios Entertainment Media – EFi-X™ Setup – Top to Bottom. EFi-X™ v2, EFi-X™ v1.1, EFi-X™ v1.0

9:31 PM New Firmware Update – Core i7 Support and Bonjour  Fix

That’s a wrap people, a lot new and exciting things were mentioned at Computex. From Firmware, to Motherboards, to New EFi-X™ . Art Studios Entertainment media has gone a long way, with their, EFi-X™ Device. So there you have it 3 new device, a new Game called Ancient Gate, a new website, New firmware for Core i7 Support, and a brand new Update Client, v4.5. Here are some more pictures. The last of them. EFi-X™ V1.1 Review soon to follow.

asem_stand1 asem_stand2 asem_stand3_users asem_president_wilhelmvonvnukov asem_girl1 asem_generalmanager_show asem_generalmanager asem_efix_units

asem_display2 asem_display asem_column1 asem_efix