OSx86 Project, is disappointed by Psystar

Well Guess what, the wannabe mac makers Psystar, has more than one licensing issue with the Open Computer. The company didn’t get permissions from developer of the OSx86 Project.Netkas, who developed the EFI emulator Psystar is using, posted up a blog entry yesterday calling Psystar “liars” and has re-released his code under a license that specifically forbids commercial usage. We chatted briefly with Netkas and he told us that not only did Psystar take his code without permission, it’s using other code from the project like the NVInject graphics patch developed by Gotoh, and that he contacted Psystar when he learned about the Open Computer with no results. We also talked to several other members of the OSx86 scene who believe that Apple is tolerant of (and even subtly assisting) their efforts, and are worried that the Psystar flap might end that relationship and bring the hammer down — after all, there’s no Psystar without OSx86.

Who would make commercial use of OSx86, when you weren’t the one who developed it. I used to think this company was great. Not anymore they are liars, they didn’t make any thing from the EFI to NV INJECT and didn’t give permission for this.

3 thoughts on “OSx86 Project, is disappointed by Psystar

  1. If Natkas released the EFI emulater under a code that prevents Corprate use can’t he sue or something? I’m not real good with the law but Psystar is going to get sued by someone…

  2. It seems to me the angle is obvious… Once one has been allowed the chance to contribute to a forum of peers thier individual work(s) then that individual gives up any rights to such intellectual property unless otherwise expressly documented and made part of the process of entering in to veiw the forums…. If the contributers submitted their work based on some fantasy belief that their work would be respected, and that any work that they posted was “off-limits”… Well let me just spell it out naive. It seems to a rather jaded eye as mine that this was the whole intent of the forums to begin with…. Nuff SAID!

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