Heroic Map Pack brings back the Soccer Ball

halosoccer-7th-c-415-1.jpg   It seems their is a new object in forge and I guess it is a Soccer Ball! whaa yes thats right a Soccer Ball. Heres the source from Xbox 360 Fanboy “So, everyone with an Xbox probably knows about the hidden soccer ball in Halo 2. The fancy lads over at 7th Columnist have uncovered that the soccer ball is making its return in Halo 3 via the upcoming Heroic Map Pack . Apparently the recently held press previews of the Heroic Map Pack revealed that the soccer ball would appear as one of the special Forge items available for the new map Foundry. Foundry, if you don’t know, is a special map that is composed almost entirely out of objects players can manipulate inside Forge. In other words, the level can be treated as a blank slate upon which to design the ultimate Halo 3 map from the ground up. Now if only there were some way to make the game keep track of goals.”- Xbox 360 Fanboy

Mac Buys Ahead

dock-20071204-162546.jpg     Reports are in that Apple, ahead of time, has bought new 13.3 inch LED backlight units. Nano Electro-Optical Technology have both recently become suppliers of notebook-use LED backlight units for Dell and Apple, with shipments to each supplier expected to soar in the future. The shipments to both Dell and Apple are for high-end models, confirming that the Apple’s upcoming streamlined notebook will fall somewhere between the 13-inch MacBooks and its 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro models.

From Pc to Hackintosh

dual screensTo start off this article, you should know a little bit about my Mac background. About a year ago I had never used Mac OS X in my life. Back then I never even saw a Mac computer in real life. Sure, I knew what they looked like, and I saw demos of OS X during Steve Jobs’ keynotes, but I had never used a Mac. Although I had never used a Mac, I was still Mac-curious. Being an iPod and iTunes user, I was already familiar with the design and functionality of Apple, and being fed up with Windows at the time, I looked toward Mac OS. There was one problem, though. Macs were expensive, I had a limited budget, and I wasn’t going to spend everything I had to buy a computer I had never even used.

Then Steve Jobs revealed the future of Macs at WWDC 2005. Macs were going to be running on Intel. That announcement instantly got my head spinning. Maybe I could run Mac OS X on my current PC? Then, I asked a few of my friends then I ran along into superjunaid who I asked if it could he said “YES” amazed in shock I was quite actually a happy man. I apparently wasn’t alone. Since there was a number of people who wanted OS X on generic hardware, fake copies started spreading around. After several fake copies, a real leak was finally released, and thus began my journey into OSx86.

I First went with the release of JAS 10.4.8 Amd which was basically taken off the idea of PPC, Those people who started this have the most fascinating brains. I first installed with no idea just everything all at once gave me a kernel panic, I asked super(man)junaid what’s up with this, he directed me to the right way. Things got a little fishy after that I was using my onboard nVidia 6100 GPU and it completely sucked no accelerated graphics. I then didn’t know what all this meant and went ahead and installed iMovie ’06 had know clue what it was but heard it was the easiest most advanced editing software ever out there. I installed imported the video whatever parts with no lagging or any such. I tried editing it but iMovie wouldn’t allow it then I went into my system profile and “QE” and “CI” wasn’t supposably supported so I screwed this only had Mac installed didn’t and sort of dual booting and left it and I actually bought a copy of Vista for I don’t know what I was thinking. Then I saw the latest iMovie which was indeed amazing, and made me want to go back so I later caught back up with superman and told me some advice of supported video cards. I bought one which is the PNY nVidia 7300GT which is excellent and later found out this was a card in the Mac Pro.

I installed and finally found out how to dual boot as I did. I made a partition and was on my way as I was ready to reformat my disk with Disk Utility and I was about to reformat it would hang at “Loading Hard Drives” and at that point I was scared. Then, I downloaded Tubgirl 10.4.10 Tiger Build which was the newest one and I tried reformatting it through their and gave the same BS. I later found out what it was with the help superjunaid it was a STUPID SD card in my pc. So I got it to install with full QE/CI Support and it was excellent I later found out that Leopard was coming out a month later and was interested in that. I coudn’t get it at the time because it wasn’t supported for AMD and then magic happened.

I found out about a build with AMD and 10.5.1! I wanted to waited it out to see if it worked then I was just using Tiger and I was one monitor and wanted to take full advantage. I did i got the .kext (which are like .ini files for p.c..) and got dual monitors working. I then heard allot of people had success and I tried first I downloaded macDrive(can view you mac files on windows) for windows just incase Installed it and loaded up first time kernel panic(OS failure) found I had to delete some kext as I did it worked. With no drivers booting VGA mode and I soon got the video Drivers I got Dual Monitors and QE, QE2D,QEGL, and CI. My sound worked everything, just had to do a little tweaks and bam It finally works.

As, I am in Leopard while i am typing this and its great soon I will install Linux and see anything good on that, if you want to know about Linux an0malistic is the guy for you.

Xbox 360 Fall 2007 Update (real)

originalslaunchstore-490px.jpgThe new Xbox 360 dashboard update is hitting Tuesday, December 4Th and Microsoft finally gave us the information that is the new update. This is the real on unlike the rumored update previously only a few from their made it in this one. Sadly, I wish the Xbox theme screen-savers were in there. The main one in there are the FoF Feature and DivX feature, and the Xbox Originals. Video and additional after the break.

  • Improved Video Library.
  • Improved visuals and descriptions.
  • Users can now sort movies and TV Shows in the video library by Title or (Download) Date.
  • TV shows can now be grouped by Series .
  • Group video and game trailers .
  • Art associated with personal video files on a portable device will now be displayed.
  • Easier to use media areas and improved metadata .
  • Improved source selection for video, picture, and music libraries, making it easier to switch between console/digital camera, computer, portable device or disc.
  • New “Suggested Items” link for downloaded movies.

Feature Details:

Media – All

  • Added more user friendly text for various error related messages
  • Added Shortcut keys from Remote Control: Pressing Play on a Video/Song/Picture will immediately start playback of that item from the list (pressing Start from gamepad does the same thing)
  • Added support for Album/Video artwork larger than 500kb
  • Added support to enumerate metadata in the background and not just when selected by the user
  • Added support to make sort options sticky across console reboots
  • Added support to show all available Media Sharing Servers on the local network and allow automatic re-affiliation
  • Automatically delete older versions of Optional Media Update package when new ones are downloaded
  • Improved consistency in storage naming across all areas
  • Improved performance for displaying Album Art when connected to remote sources
  • Improved text messaging when connection to PC is lost when streaming Music/Photo or videos
  • Improve boot speed with media when console startup is to boot-to-dash


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Apple to update Mac Pro

Recently Anandtech wrote up an article comparing the Latest Intel Xeon 54xx series Harpertown 45nm processor, with Xeon 53xx series and AMD‘s 3rd generation Opteron cpus. The new Intel processor 54xx is an manufactured using the latest in nanotechnology, the processor takes only 107 mm² and contains somewhere around 410 million transistors. The cpu runs cool and is about 20% faster than the previous model 53xx.

Xeon 54xx
(thats 2 cores fit inside a penny)

iPhone 16GB, 3G and more!

Well I wouldn’t want to say that I told you so, but I did! I knew it was coming and I had decided to keep this under covers, thanks to AT&T (T) CEO Mr. Randall, we all know that Apple is releasing a new version of iPhone (something we’ve all been hoping for…) An iPhone with 16GB of Flash space (doubling the previous model, will definitely help me store more music) I’ve been having to delete and update my iPod playlist quite often (almost every other day) so I don’t keep listening to the same stuff everyday.

Expected to arrive sometime next year the iPhone v.2 with 3G for faster surfing and 16GB of Flash completing the product page for iPhone and giving the product line something to sit next to the 16GB iPod Touch and with the price of $599.

I’ll have to buy it for my wifey or not, who knows. I’m pretty satisfied with the iPhone I own. Anyhow it kinda spoils the surprise that Steve Jobs wanted to present to all of us. But hey the Hype/Rumor mill needs something to run on and this bit of news no matter how positive and helpful will definitely keep it running.

What do you think? will you buy one for yourself?

btw, the more can be a longer battery life!

Assassins Creed – Game Review

assassins_creedAssassin’s creed is one of most anticipated games since it was announced at E3 and CES. The demo’s given were amazing and showed off some awesome technical achievements only possible in next gen gaming. Some of the things that caught my attention after watching the demos were: 1. The size, complexity of the environment, which the player is free to travel through, and interact with. The various cities, kingdoms, etc are to put it simply IMMENSE and everything is actually there, there is no background, or backdrop the player has no access too, everything you see is something you can visit. This was simply not possible in 1st gen games. 2. The crowd dynamics. This game brought to life a real city that has living inhabitants, NPCs walking around, interacting with each other as well as the player. This made the entire world come alive and made the world of Assassins Creed a much more immersive environment.

Circuit City Tekno Deals


 Circuit City hasn’t been the most popular store among gamers in the recent past with all the reports of them failing to honor certain deals, but they have rolled out some more deals this weekend. It looks like standard deals that will be in all Circuit City stores.

The first deal is that you will save $20 when you purchase any two Nintento Wii games $29.99 and up. Their second deals is that you will receive a $10 gift card with the purchase of Mario Party DS. The final game deal of the week at Circuit City is that you will receive a $10 gift card when you purchase Unchartered: Drake’s Fortune for the Sony PS3. If you don’t know about Drake’s Fortune, I suggest you look into it. I have felt for a long time that this will be the sleeper hit for the PS3. The game is simply amazing and unique.