Apple Security update 2008-005 released

Apple Released a new Security update which fixes a lot of problems, Including the QuickLook Bug where loading a malicious Microsoft Office file could lead to “arbitrary code execution”. It also fixes a DNS vulnerability that has been highly discussed over the past week (and which many other vendors have already patched). Comes in around […]

Duke Nukem 3D Qoutes

“Your face. Your ass. What’s the difference?” Duke Nukem: What are you waiting for? Christmas? Duke Nukem: It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And I’m all out of gum. Duke Nukem: You’re an inspiration for birth control. [after stepping in alien feces] Duke Nukem: Shit Happens… Duke Nukem: Those alien bastards are […]

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Huge EFI-X updates, Preview

Well I had a good talk and a preview of EFiX at state. Its pretty amazing, the Boot Selector has a very nice GUI. Shows all your hard drives and DVD & Cd drives. All the Icons have a nice shadow over them, when selected over a drive you get a nice glow pulse from the center of the icon. Future Skins can be added later on. Huge support for Gigabyte boards.

OSX on Pc

[youtube][/youtube] Mac’s use the same hardware as PC’s. Theirs nothing different about the hardware that Mac uses. People out there think that a Mac is better than OSX on Pc well that is certainly isn’t true. A ‘Hackintosh’ can just be as fast or even faster than a Mac. Take a Look while watching the […]

10.5.4 is out for Mac’s and OSx86’ers

Full Size The new update is out, and as predicted before July 11th. Update on Mac as usual through Software Update and same on a Hackintosh! Yes thats right!, update this as you would on a real Mac. Just BACKUP your KEXTs! that you need. No signs yet of Mobile Me on here. Tell me […]

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