“Amounts Of Data Loss” Bug

There is a bug that has been around since Mac 10.3 OSX was released and is scaring the pants off the new leopard users.  The bug occurs when a user is doing an move operation, and a network, USB, or FireWire drive is disconnected. The result is that the user could loose huge amounts of […]

25 Dream Jobs for Geeks

Geeks are like snowflakes: each is unique and special; not all wear glasses and use LINUX. Geeks have an assortment of interests and specialties that are not all computer oriented. If you’re a geek in search of some career guidance, don’t sell yourself short. While most companies do need an IT guy, let’s face it, […]

The Power of Apple and Leopard

After using Leopard for over one week, I’ve loved working on my Mac even more and more. Special and powerful features like Spaces, 64-bit support and faster Spotlight. The entire Mac experience is something to be had. Unlike Windows XP 64-bit edition the multiple “program files” folders and un-satisfying drivers and applications, OS X Leopard […]

The Wait is over (8800Gt) is here

The wait is finally over the sister of the big beast 8800 GTX and GTS, the all new GT which is way thinner and takes up only one slot will be perfect for those fans of SLi. This is a pretty good deal for this product. “Your search for the perfect graphics card is over — […]

Leopard’s first Virus

Already, a trojan horse virus has been let out on Leopard. But trojans are the least effective uses of a virus, because it needs the users’ log in name and password to be entered. The virus appeared on some pornography sites. There is a still frame picture of the movie, and clicking on it brings […]

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