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AT&T makes a comeback on Verizon with a new ad

Damn, AT&T isn’t taking Verizon’s map campaign too well. So AT&T goes ahead and releases there own ad. By basically throwing magnets up on a board, in some warehouse with Luke Wilson and some Apple like music. So AT&T presents us with a new ad. Commence the Ad war. Watch the new 30 second ad […]

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AT&T Upgrades its network as wireless traffic increases.

AT&T has invested nearly $65 million into 3G network upgrades in the San Francisco Bay area in response to massive growth in total data traffic over the past year. – Apple Insider

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Verizon Responds to AT&T “The Truth Hurts”

“Verizon filed an aggressive legal response Monday as part of its ongoing defense against AT&T, accusing its competitor of overreacting to “the truth” of its wireless data service.” – Apple Insider

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AT&T’s and Verizon ‘s Fiasco

These past couple of weeks have been really berserk over the whole AT&T and Verizon. AT&T has argued, that Verizon’s advertisements are misleading, showing users maps of AT&T network coverage with blank areas that represent no signal at all. Verizon then shows its own map with a higher amount coverage, while AT&T portrayed much smaller. […]

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Apple introducing a couple new things tomorrow?

Look out soon, it seems like Apple is coming out with some new Products, refresh of the white Macbook, Design revision for iMac! Click the read link to read more.

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