A More Personal Computer.

HP has integrated some very personal technologies in their computers and advertising how computers are now more personal “again”. What does that mean for consumers? It simply means that computers are more easier to use now than ever before, the integrated technologies are as follows: 1. a removable/portable drive on desktop computers that equals as […]

More Orderly Life anyone?

7 Ways of More Orderly Life It comes to my attention that these wise men from Law & Order have figured out a way for a more orderly life… what do you think? Any hour of the day — right now, even — you can probably flip your TV dial and settle in to watch […]

Mapping the Earth with interactivity.

Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are racing to transform online maps into full-blown browsers, organizing information — and, of course, ads — according to geography. The likely winner? You… I was reading this article over at Technology Review and it is a wonderful article about 6 pages long but an awesome read indeed. Here is the […]

SLI an introduction

So what is SLI? Well to simply put the acronym SLI stands for “Scalable Link Interface” it is this technology which closely resembles the ’90s 3D Voodoo based boards which could be connected to your regular 2D video card via a 15-pin D-SUB vga cable and enable you to play 3D games with the help […]

Intel demonstrates AMT

Intel is building up traction for its first dual-core mobile processor. Codenamed “Yonah”, the chip is scheduled to hit the market in the first quarter of next year. No big surprise that Mooly Eden spent time once again to explain the benefits of the processor – ranging from performance to battery saving features. Eden however […]

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