Teknorumor 360 making a motion sensor controller

xbox-360-controller-right.jpgAfter an erroneous rumor concerning an Xbox 360 motion-sensing controller prototype made the internet rounds yesterday (turns out it was a known Wiimote prototype), the folks at TeamXbox claim to know a little something something and – after said rumor made waves – felt compelled to share with us a little early. They said, “TeamXbox.com can confirm that Microsoft has been researching alternative input technologies for the last two years” including motion-sensing technology ala the Wiimote or Sixaxis.

They also note that Microsoft is specifically looking to improve the right-analog stick (request to MS: fix the D-pad while you’re at it), and TeamXbox will “bring you a real list of next-generation Xbox controller prototypes soon.” We skipped the previous rumor but since TeamXbox is putting their neck out on this one, we’re inclined to give it a little more weight. We’ll know if they’re right soon enough.

Assassins Creed – Game Review

assassins_creedAssassin’s creed is one of most anticipated games since it was announced at E3 and CES. The demo’s given were amazing and showed off some awesome technical achievements only possible in next gen gaming. Some of the things that caught my attention after watching the demos were: 1. The size, complexity of the environment, which the player is free to travel through, and interact with. The various cities, kingdoms, etc are to put it simply IMMENSE and everything is actually there, there is no background, or backdrop the player has no access too, everything you see is something you can visit. This was simply not possible in 1st gen games. 2. The crowd dynamics. This game brought to life a real city that has living inhabitants, NPCs walking around, interacting with each other as well as the player. This made the entire world come alive and made the world of Assassins Creed a much more immersive environment.