How To: Snow Leopard on PC AMD

How To: Snow Leopard on AMD

1. First thing first follow the MPGK Guide Here and Download the latest Package Here

How To: Install on AMD

How To: Boot From Snow Leopard Disc

How To: Boot from USB Drive

How To: MPGK Install

Downloads Section

2. Put the Kernel that is located in /Snow Files/AMD in the Root of your Snow Drive

3. Add this to



<key>Kernel Flags</key>




4. Replace the Boot File, You can by opening ShowAllFiles in the DMG Utilities and Click Show

5. Once Files are shown go to the root of your Snow Drive and delete the existing Boot file and drag the new one in.

6. Once in Snow Leopard, Open Utilities and Open Marvin’s AMD Utilities

and run a CPUID Patch on this:






7. You Should now be running Snow on an AMD Machine

Snow Leopard USB Boot Method

How To: USB Boot Method

Download the latest Package from Here

How To: Install on AMD

How To: Boot From Snow Leopard Disc

How To: Boot from USB Drive

How To: MPGK Install

Downloads Section

1. Connect your USB Drive

2. Open Up Disk Utility

3. On the Left Side you Should see your USB Drive

4. Then Format and Partition the Drive to 1 Partition. Format at as Mac OS X Extended (Journal)

5. Name The Partition “USB”

6. Now Right Click on the New Drive in Disk Utility and get info, Look for the Unique Universal Identifier and Copy it to like Text Edit

7. Now Install Recommened Bootloader in the DMG to “USB” / Choose Customize and Deselect everything except themes

8. When the boot loader is finished installing

9. Replace boot file in “USB” By Opening “Show All Files” In the Utilities Folder in the DMG

10. Replace the Boot File, with the one in the DMG /Snow Files/USB Method

11. Now Right Click on the “USB” and Click Restore.

12. Drag your Snow Leopard DVD or Image to the Source Field

13. Drag your “USB” Drive to the Destination Field

14. Once the Restore Process is Complete add your DSDT.aml from the DSDT folder

15. Drag the SMBIOS.plist to the desktop and edit the field “SMUUID” and paste your Unique Universal Identifier in that field.

16. Move SMBIOS.plist to the “USB” drive in the /Extra folder

17. Copy the 32 bit to /Extra in USB drive as well. Edit the Graphics Mode Option with your Resolution

18. Go back into the DMG and go to /Snow Files/USB Method/Drivers and Select all the drivers and drag them to the USB Drive in /Extra/Extensions

19. If Chameleon is removed after Snow Leopard Restore, Follow steps 7-10 and 15-18

20. Your USB Is now bootable

Live Updates: ASEM at Computex with EFi-X™


This week is the week people, Art Studios Entertainment, are throwing off their entertainment again at Computex with the famous EFi-X™ device. Fresh new updates from Art Studios delivered here everytime we meet with them. For those you who don’t know what EFi-X™ is you can look at the review right here. EFi-X™ Review. The first thing that ASEM announced was the 3 new devices, the first one of which is the EFi-X v1.1, the Second EFi-X v2.0, and lastly the EFi-X Pro. Updates below! Stay Tuned for more. Read Updates after the break. Continue reading “Live Updates: ASEM at Computex with EFi-X™”

ASEM© Boots EFi-X™ USA Reseller

efi-x-usb-dongleART STUDIOS ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA (ASEM), the company behind the EFI-X UEFI dongle, has severed its relationship with EFI-X USA LLC, its North American distributor.

The whole situation started when EFi-X™ Usa started peddling generic PCs with pre-installed OS X and the EFI-X dongle.

This upset ASEM which sought to block the American shop from selling machines. A falling out of sorts ensued and, as of the 12th of January, ASEM has come forward and denounced the EFIX USA business model as breaching its NDA and terms & conditions.

Here is the full break down

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EFi-X™ Is here and Reviewed


     As you all know by now EFi-X™ has been creating a big buzz around the Mac world. I have been testing the device for awhile and its amazing!, The Basic knowledge you need for this device is building a PC. The EFi-X™ device is for people who want to fill in that Spot for Apple Computers. They have the Mac Mini, Macbook Air, Macbook, iMac, Macbook Pro, —-, Mac Pro. The EFi-X™ falls along just in there, Its has a perfect Niche for the market. Video After Break.

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OSX on Pc


Mac’s use the same hardware as PC’s. Theirs nothing different about the hardware that Mac uses. People out there think that a Mac is better than OSX on Pc well that is certainly isn’t true. A ‘Hackintosh’ can just be as fast or even faster than a Mac. Take a Look while watching the video above.

10.5.4 is out for Mac’s and OSx86’ers


Full Size

The new update is out, and as predicted before July 11th. Update on Mac as usual through Software Update and same on a Hackintosh! Yes thats right!, update this as you would on a real Mac. Just BACKUP your KEXTs! that you need. No signs yet of Mobile Me on here. Tell me us in the comments if you find anything new. 😉

Here is a list of the main fixes in the release:

-Includes recent Apple security updates.
-Resolves an issue with saving and reopening Adobe Creative Suite 3 files on a remote server.
-Includes additional RAW image support for several cameras.
-Addresses an issue that may result in a partially installed X11 application.
-Improves L2TP VPN client reliability.
-Addresses AirPort reliability issues with 5GHz networks.
-Addresses AirPort issues that may result in slower performance in Logic Studio or MainStage.
-Addresses a potential performance issue when loading secure web pages.
-Resolves issues that may be encountered when accessing secure web pages with client certificates that reside on a smart card.
-Addresses an issue in which switching from a space with a Finder window keeps the Finder as the active application instead of the application residing in the destination space.
-Fixes an issue in which dragging an application from the list of application assignments in Spaces System
-Preferences does not assign the application to the desired space.
-Resolves an Exposé issue that may result in only a subset of windows being shown.

Update Info

About This Mac

EFiX: Retail Leopard on Pc

Great news run Mac on your PC. Without the need for any patches. Software Updates will work. Which is made possible with a Group of people [EFiX] who invented a dongle which allows you to use run original Mac on Pc. Another man Netkas inventor of PCEFI which allows you to emulate it on your EFI on your PC. He has tested this and like the results he has a video on his website demonstrating it. He uses a MacBook Repair, It won’t work since that is used only on Macbook’s.

EFiX is the best solution for installing and using Mac OS X on your PC.
It allows its user to install Mac OS X straight from the original DVD without having to worry about patches,
replacing files and anything like that.
That means you can buy a regular PC, Mac OS X and EFiX and enjoy what the Mac users have always enjoyed:
unmodified Mac OS X on your computer, safe, easy and fast, exactly the way it should be.

The development of EFiX took a lot of time.
During the development phase, we had to deal with various problems, including sabotage.
This process also involved testing, which has been conducted for the last 6 months in production environments.
Industry leading professionals(who work for TV stations, recording studios and many others) rely on EFiX and Mac OS X running on standard PC hardware to get their tasks done.

EFiX is in the final testing phase.
All the testing has went far better than what we expected and the testers have given positive feedback.

We have planned to release it on 23rd of June, 2008. More information will be added soon.”

They are selling it to many dealers in many countries like:

Taiwan R.O.C.

Notice how Canada, UK, and USA and many other areas haven’t been listed, I contacted them about this and they said, “Not planed till now.” So they might be planning to sell it here.

So this is basically a Usb Dongle for your PC which will let you fully run Mac.

Update 1: It seems that they are not only doing USB but also PCI Cards.

Update 2: The EFiX Website HomePage has been changed

Welcome to EFiX!

We are proud to present EFiX our wonderful work of art and function to the world.
EFiX is the best solution for running Mac OS X on PCs.
It allows the user to install Mac OS X straight from the original DVD without having to worry about patches, replacing files and anything like that.

That means you can buy a regular compatible PC, Mac OS X and EFiX and enjoy what the Mac users have always enjoyed:

– Ability to install Mac OS X Leopard and Leopard Server from original retail DVD.

– Average users can easily install Mac OSX without fear of needing professional knowledge.

– Update your system with official Apple Updates.

On top of the benefits seen by Mac users from the start, EFiX also brings some other advantages for users of standard PCs, such as:

Online updates of EFiX firmware.

– EMI & RFI protection.

– An Interactive system boot selector.

– Working power management Features such as Shutdown, Reset, etc.

Update 3: Site has been updated again now showing the actual Product Pic


Experience The Best Mac OS X on PC Installation Ever
USB internal 10-1 pin (with extended size)
Online updates of EFiX firmware
Interactive system boot selector
Install Mac OS X Leopard from original retail DVD
Update your system with official Apple® Updates
ESD and EMI Protection (With Proper Grounding)
The EFiX USB device is the ultimate device for all those who dream about a working Mac OS X installation on PC. It bridges the gap between PC and Mac worlds. Also, it provides the unique ability to experience an unmodified Mac OS X installation and operating environment directly on your PC.
Don´t change your habits and your lifestyle for a computer – this should never be the case. Instead, let the EFiX USB device adapt the functionality of your PC to improve the quality of your work and life.

EFiX Exclusive Features
Interactive System Boot Selector With Settings Functionality:
Featuring a quick, multifunctional boot selector which provides interactive system boot choice and an easy method to install and start Mac OS X.
Online Updates of EFiX Firmware:
Simply update the Firmware without leaving the comfort of Mac OS X.
The EFiX Update tool is a user-friendly Firmware update utility. Using this tool you can update the Firmware directly from the internet without the need to leave Mac OS X . You can update your Firmware in only a few clicks without enduring any complicated steps.
EFiX Firmware Selector:
Simply select a new Firmware from the list when changing or upgrading your mainboard.
Install From An Original Mac OS X DVD:
Insert an original Mac OS X DVD in to your DVD-ROM and click the DVD-ROM icon in boot selector to start installation.
Run Unmodified Mac OS X on a PC:
Boost your creativity, your dreams and daily tasks in a fully new dimension with Mac OS X on PC. Start to experience what Mac OS X users always enjoyed, stability of Mac OS X system, unique security protection, no viruses, and the beauty of the OS all on your standard PC.
Other Features
Fail-Proof Firmware Update:
Special algorithm protects against update failure.
The EFiX Anti-Failure algorithm prevents corruption of Firmware.
This algorithm saves users the cost and hassle of EFiX hardware replacement due to an improper flash.

Industry Standard
ESD & EMI Protection:
EFiX is designed to provide maximum protection to avoid failures or destruction through Electrostatic discharge and Electromagnetic Interference. Please note that you must have appropriate grounding of your system.

Wondering when this thing will ship and pictures in overview are all screwed. Going to Contact them.

Update 4:

Ok I contacted them and here is what they have to say.


June 23rd is the date you guys said this would be released,
and you guys havnt put anything in where to buy and the pictures are missing in the overview for the EFiX for Desktop PC, so can you please tell us whats up.

We was on releasing, but some underage idiot have nothing to do and f… down the server, we investigate it now.
Pictures which you are missing in Overview are just visual, not related to Production that much.

All of us wanting this and would like to know when we are able to buy this

Shipping will start after 3-4 weeks.
You must have dealer in your country to be able to buy it, we do not sale it to end customers.

So their you have will update if anything new happens

Update 5: 7/01/08

Will the Intel motherboards like the D975XBX2 be supported?

Possibly, but we didn’t test those till now.

When will there be a demo of this from you guys and how much will this cost? Thank You.

Hi, No demos, only real production, sorry.
V1 or V2 cost about 80 euro

Hi, How are you I can’t find a dealer for USA and I was really forward to getting one. So if you can help me and a lot of other people out that would be great.

Hi , here some info for you: Shipping: UPS Express, EMS Express, DHL Express. Cost: 80 Euro for EFiX V1 or V2 (Sending cost not included) Please pay attention that the price can variate with time. Payment: Western Union Availibility: EFiX V1 Standard Version – 3-4 weeks later EFiX V2 Exclusive Limited Edition – this or next week. Best Regards

Wilhelm von Vnukov
CEO & leading engineer
EFiX R&D Team

Art studios entertainment media

10.6 Snow Leopard

Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Core innovation.

The New 10.6 which is said to come out some time next year. Will Include a lot of new updates like Multi Core Processing, Full 64 bit Support, New features to their Media and Internet line. Full Microsoft Exchange Support, and Open CL, Plus a lot more that Haven’t been mentioned.

A Quantum Leap.

Since 2001, Mac OS X has delivered more than a thousand innovative new features. With Snow Leopard, the next major version of the world’s most advanced operating system, Mac OS X changes more than its spots, it changes focus. Taking a break from adding new features, Snow Leopard — scheduled to ship in about a year — builds on Leopard’s enormous innovations by delivering a new generation of core software technologies that will streamline Mac OS X, enhance its performance, and set new standards for quality. Snow Leopard dramatically reduces the footprint of Mac OS X, making it even more efficient for users, and giving them back valuable hard drive space for their music and photos.

iMac and MacBook Pro

Microsoft Exchange box

Microsoft Exchange Support

Snow Leopard includes out-of-the-box support for Microsoft Exchange 2007 built into Mail, Address Book, and iCal. Mac OS X uses the Exchange Web Services protocol to provide access to Exchange Server 2007. Because Exchange is supported on your Mac and iPhone, you’ll be able to use them anywhere with full access to your email, contacts, and calendar.


“Grand Central,” a new set of technologies built into Snow Leopard, brings unrivaled support for multicore systems to Mac OS X. More cores, not faster clock speeds, drive performance increases in today’s processors. Grand Central takes full advantage by making all of Mac OS X multicore aware and optimizing it for allocating tasks across multiple cores and processors. Grand Central also makes it much easier for developers to create programs that squeeze every last drop of power from multicore systems.

Open CL

64 Bit


To accommodate the enormous amounts of memory being added to advanced hardware, Snow Leopard extends the 64-bit technology in Mac OS X to support breakthrough amounts of RAM — up to a theoretical 16TB, or 500 times more than what is possible today. More RAM makes applications run faster, because more of their data can be kept in the very fast physical RAM instead of on the much slower hard disk.

QuickTime logo

Media and Internet

Using media technology pioneered in OS X iPhone, Snow Leopard introduces QuickTime X, a streamlined, next-generation platform that advances modern media and Internet standards. QuickTime X features optimized support for modern codecs and more efficient media playback, making it ideal for any application that needs to play media content.

Because Snow Leopard delivers the fastest implementation of JavaScript to date, web applications are more responsive. Safari runs JavaScript up to 53 percent faster with Snow Leopard.*


Another powerful Snow Leopard technology, OpenCL (Open Compute Library), makes it possible for developers to efficiently tap the vast gigaflops of computing power currently locked up in the graphics processing unit (GPU). With GPUs approaching processing speeds of a trillion operations per second, they’re capable of considerably more than just drawing pictures. OpenCL takes that power and redirects it for general-purpose computing.