Terrified Chinese iPhone worker kills himself after prototype misplaced

A video screen grab obtained by the Southern Metropolis Daily purporting to show Foxconn employee  Sun Danyong being let into a room to be questioned on July 15.   Photo is a video screen grab showing Sun Danyong being ushered into a room to be interviewed.Last week, a 25-year-old communications worker died in an “apparent suicide” after losing track of a prototype iPhone built by Foxconn, his employer, for one of the most secretive companies in technology. It was only a matter of time.

First, a recap: Sun Danyong’s death came after a case of prototype iPhones he was charged with shipping to Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino ended up short by one. Sun couldn’t produce the device and claimed not to know what had happened; security officials at Foxconn, the manufacturer of Apple’s iPhone and Sun’s employer, didn’t buy his story. At all. Continue reading “Terrified Chinese iPhone worker kills himself after prototype misplaced”