Its official, Apple will be holding an event on Jan 27th, “latest creation”

Its true, from all the rumors, speculations, it’s coming Apple will be holding a live event on the 27th of this month. Apple says to be showing their “latest creation” hmm?.. Will Apple be showing off their mysterious new tablet, Maybe, iLife ’10, its been about almost a year since the announcement of iLife ’09?, What about, a preview of the iPhone 4.0 os update? Multi-tasking. They were also rumors, the new iPhone OS 4.0 wasn’t suppose to be announced because, it had to much information about the new “tablet”. Indeed! Get Ready!

Apple Tablet’s Name… iPad

So I’ve been following the rumors all-around for the amazing Tablet device that’s going to revolutionize this space with a contender that’ll simply take names and kick some solid @$$.

We’ve been speculating and contemplating what this amazing device is going to look like with 10s of mock-ups by all the great designers out there.

But it’s really going to be called the Apple iPad Tablet, as noted here, here, and here, and oh here too! not to mention this one

Modbook might actually ship


For a device which has lived solely in the hearts and minds of hopeful buyers for such a long time, the Modbook has certainly seen its fair share of news. The latest dispatch comes in the form of a letter from the “Other World Computing Team,” marketers for the Axitron-made tablet Mac, detailing expected shipment dates and new configuration options which are being made available. If you believe what you read, actual ModBook hardware will be shipping to buyers starting January 11th — of course, they’ve been claiming a ship date for about a year, so we recommend you take this one with a hefty grain of you-know-what.