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It has almost been over three (3) years since the release of Windows XP in (2002) and another year to go till we get to experience the much touted Microsoft Windows code named “Longhorn”.

With Microsoft announcing the release of beta version of Longhorn available for developers in summer of 2005 distributing modified version of the operating system to give developers the experience of whats to come in the future.

The technologies mentioned and talked about so far include WinFS, Avalon, IE7, and native support for 64-bit processors.

WinFS is an integrated file system which literally keeps track of all files in a database as you store them and in a way enabling you to search on demand anything on the computer.

2 thoughts on “Windows Longhorn

  1. Yah, I’ve seen the beta version. IE7 is striped down and user permissions are virtually not allowed, but Microsoft still allows their servers the same level of access and permissions to your computers as before. Real nice huh, any hacker with a Microsoft server will still be able to do to you the same things as they did before.

    The tabbed browsing is a joke compared to all other modern browsers of which the IE browser is still years behind.

    Microsoft’s main answer to security seems to be to diminish the user rights of the user of the computer under the theory that if the user of the computer can’t do it then a hacker can’t do it either. No restrictions where place on what the owner of a Microsoft server can do to you like Microsoft rightfully did with their Windows 2003 server and should have done with this operating system too if they were really interested in security for their consumer customers. The IE browser on the 2003 server was designed to prevent any malicious access of the server through the browser, no so with Longhorn, it’s still wide a wide open door and security problem since what is allowed to be down to your computer through a Microsoft computer will still be allow, bypassing the severely reduce permissions the hapless user of the Longhorn computer has to endure.

    There still does not appear to be any protection for the core system files or core registry files either.

    IE7 is going to only be available to a user that buys this new Microsoft operating system. It will not be available for download from Microsoft’s web site either from past statements made by Microsoft officials. Mac users will also be left out in the cold now along with all the users of other operating system. Why out in the cold? Because so many web masters are making their Web site to be able to only be used by IE browsers. This means that Mac users will now also be locked out from these sites once these sites start becoming IE7 only accessible or the Mac user upgrades their system only to find they can’t get IE any longer. Microsoft seems to be on a path of forcing everyone to have to have a Windows computer with the help of all the Windows loving webmasters out there. Overall and from what I’ve seen, and used of this new operating system, I’d rate it and the New IE7 browser pretty low. Personally, I’ll stick to either Windows 2000 or Windows XP since Windows XP is 2000 with a face lift of mega eye candy and a few small insignificant cute goodies added to keep the teenagers happy. Microsoft sure pulled off a slick marketing ploy with that one. Change the look, add a couple of small things, change the name and hocus pocus, we have a new operating system, not to mention the fact that Windows 2000 Pro and Home where just stripped down versions of the Windows 2000 server program in the fist place, but Microsoft desperately needed to replace the failed Windows ME operating system quickly that this was the quickest way for them to do it.

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