HP has integrated some very personal technologies in their computers and advertising how computers are now more personal “again”. What does that mean for consumers? It simply means that computers are more easier to use now than ever before, the integrated technologies are as follows:

1. a removable/portable drive on desktop computers that equals as an external usb drive for when you need important files and music on your laptop

2. laptop computers with battery life as long as 16 hours! that is one sweet feature if you ask me, as I use my laptop day and night

3. laptops with built-in security such as biometrics authentication (fingerprint sensor)

4. laptops that will play your dvds and music without having to boot-up your pc, the call it the QuickPlay button

5. and finally laptops with the ability to connect to the internet from anywhere in the U.S. using cellular wireless technology (EV-DO)

In this increasing development of technology day by day that we see. It isn’t much hard to imagine a world of seamless mobility. Where you can be connected to your data from anywhere in the world.

Being a technology enthusiast and an early adopter of services and hardware. beta testing the latest software that will change the way you use your computer, it is very obvious to me that it is going to be an experience that could verily be part of who you are.