Munich (Germany) – AMD chose to reveal first official details about its 4×4, dual-socket processor platform at a PR event in Munich. 4×4 apparently is still on track for a November release, while AMD’s U.S. representatives aren’t ready yet to talk about the firm’s answer to Intel’s quad-core CPU. AMD confirmed at the event that 4×4 will be introduced with an Nvidia chipset and prices around $1000.

There have been very few processor platforms that have been treated as secretive as AMD’s 4×4. Industry sources told TG Daily that the technology will launch on November 14, but – at least to our knowledge – AMD has not engaged in official briefings for the U.S. press yet. A first, very careful, attempt to prepare journalists about the apparently impending product introduction has taken place today in Munich, where desktop marketing director Leslie Sobon confirmed some rumors and provided some launch details.