Apple: AAPL, hits a new all-time high today to a beautiful $188.60. Thanks to the 3rd Quarter earnings which were 34% higher than last years third quarter earnings. Apple has increased its market share to a brand new 8% in the United States. The increased earnings come thanks to brand new iMac’s a new line of the iPod family with the revolutionary iPod Touch, the spacious iPod classic with upto 160GB of music love, and a brand new iPod Nano.. video for everyone! And thanks also to iLife ’08 making it more fun to write documents with the new Pages, create a beautiful spreadsheets with the brand new application Numbers (now part of iLife ’08) and amazing presentations with the updated more powerful Keynote.

The love that Apple has gotten in the past 6 months is definitely amazing and no matter what the fanboys will say, the products that Apple has put together and developed with hard-ship and dedication surely shows through the quality of these products.