So the other day I took my cousin to his work, and since I had to stay with him for about an hour I decided to go to the Cingular store nearby his work. It was about 15 minutes to closing time. I went in there and looked around at some phones, there was no other customer so I talked to the two gentlemen there waiting for closing time. And I asked them about the iPhone.

They told me that the iPhone should be coming out mid-june and priced at $999 & $899 for the 8GB & 4GB models. This is the price Cingular will sell those phones if there is no contract purchased. But with a 2yr contract the price of the phones will be $599 & $499 respectively.

It’s amazingly insane to know that a phone would cost almost the price of a portable computer which can do 20x more things than a phone would ever get to. But hear this, this Phone will definitely have the most powerful cpu ever used on a cellphone. Reportedly it’ll be around 1.2Ghz… compare that to 400Mhz processors on most Windows Mobile devices.

Well I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get my hands on an iPhone, pre-orders anyone?