10 days and counting down to one of the most anticipated operating systems (besides Vista) ever to be released by Apple, Inc. (AAPL). According to the videos, the walk-throughs, the lists of features and advancements. The enhanced versions of the current applications and a set of new features and applications have also been integrated into the operating system.
Leopard introduces some amazing new applications and features:
1. Desktop
Leopad has a brand new desktop with Stackable icons that sit on the brand new Dock giving the icons a more 3D look. The Stacks simple contain a group of files that you’ve setup and as a default Stack (Downloads) no more cluttered desktop with tons of files just hanging out waiting for a home.

Leopard Desktop

2. Finder 10.5
In Leopard, Apple has updated Finder and added more power to it. First of all they’ve created a more uniform look across the entire operating system to match the look & feel of iTunes 7+, its got a brand new sidebar with Devices, Shared, Places, and Search folders. Each of these items defines the items that are connected to your mac. Devices lists all of the drives, external and internal connected. Shared shows all of the shared folders on your network, such as other pcs and macs. Places lists your folders and items such as desktop, applications folder, documents, movies, music, photos etc. Lastly Search folders are smart folders which you can create depending on the types, name, date for yourself. There are example folders created for you to start (just like in iTunes recently imported music)


3. QuickLook
QuickLook is a brand new application which is integrated into Finder using CoverFlow as the view mode, QuickLook can quickly enable you to open up a document, movie, photos albums, and many more items without having to launch the associated application. View pdfs, presentations and more.

4. Time Machine
No more worrying if you lost a document, TimeMachine gives you the power to go back-in-time to retrieve any document, files that you might’ve accidentally deleted and bring it back.

5. Mail
The new Mail client has built -in Stationary (borrowed from iPhoto pages) giving you the ability to insert pictures to your emails in more nicer ways. It also comes with notes and To-do lists making it more easier to work with your tasks.

6. iChat
With Leopard iChat has gained more power in addition to conference calls and video chats, now you can share presentations, albums and pretty much anything that’ll open with QuickLook. iChat also integrates the effects from PhotoBooth for more fun effects.

7. Spaces
Leopard introduces brand new features so you can have multiple Spaces setup for you to work in more places at once. With a click of a button or key-combo, you can easily switch from one Space to another.
8. Safari
Safari 3.0 comes with speed and agility of the fastest browsers out for a Mac or PC. More secure browsing and more of everything you’d expect from a browser, ofcourse its no FireFox with its massive library of extensions.

9. Parental Controls
Parents can now setup accounts for their kids and be sure that they’re not surfing a website they’re not supposed to be on. Well my parents won’t bother me anymore…

10. Boot Camp
Who says you have to use a PC to use Windows? Now with Leopard Boot Camp is built-in and works with the most advanced versions of 32-bit Windows operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you already have BootCamp beta installed on your Mac, just upgrade the drivers from the Leopard DVD, and you’re flying!

On this note, there are 300+ new features that are included in Leopard. I’m totally excited and cannot wait to get my hands on Leopard… Infact I pre-ordered my Leopard today using the $100 credit that I got from Apple for the iPhone. Life is awesome!

My Macbook Pro is waiting anxiously to run Leopard… and so am I!