Snow Leopard has been written from ground up, using the latest 64 bit technology. Making apps load faster, video playback more crisp, and addressing more amounts of RAM. Incorporating Microsoft Exchange into the mix, making the general workflow easy in Mail, iCal, Address Book no need for third party software to do the trick. A new Finder, Stack System, Dock Expose, Quicktime. So, as you all know Apple has came out with there new Operating System today, for a small mere upgrade price of $30? 30 bucks can it be, I mean for its own build number. Does it live up to its standard, Read on to find out.

Expose enhancement:

Dock Expose is what they are calling it now. Since it incorporates the Dock into the mix. You are now able to trigger different application windows, and preview them by pressing the space bar, sort of like QuickLooks. Another thing its able to do is show you the minimized windows as well, by grouping them into smaller thumbnails at the bottom of the screen. This makes it easier for people to jump around between apps, if thats not easy enough why not press the space bar to get a live preview of whats going on in the application itself.

I was trying this out and I was working on something, moving between iTunes, Photoshop, Finder, Flash. I was impressed on how much faster it was compared to Leopard when wanting to open a selected Window across 2 monitors.

Spaces is still about the same except the animation for switching between each view has been tweaked. Adding a new animation into the mix when it switches in Leopard you are greeting with the marble black square with four white squares in them…. ahh I can’t explain this in much detail. Check it out yourself its awesome!


Before in Stacks, you could only have a limited amount files, in Grid and Fan, then it just goes into list view. Now they have added a scroll option. So you can keep your stack in Grid mode. Another thing you can do is actually go into other folder, while still in Stack mode. A pretty great feature.

Stacks changes size as well, when adding more files into it, but also varies on the monitor size from a 30″ to a 13″ the stacks is going to add the scroll option sooner than with the 30″ before, it was after a number of files, it would tell you to open the rest in Finder. Another stupid thing while I was using stacks and wanted to open it through Finder itself was it would instead choose the Enclosing folder instead going to the actual folder.

So Stacks and Expose have had there fair share of features, but why not just get an update to say 10.5.9 for this. Well the next section will Explain that. Finder

Finder: Quick Look/Preview

So Finder has be rewritten from the ground up using Cocoa now. including 64-bit support and Grand Central Dispatch. It’s more responsive from top to bottom, with snappier performance throughout the Finder. And it includes new features such as customizable Spotlight search options and an enhanced icon view that lets you thumb through a multipage document or watch a QuickTime movie. Files start showing up faster when opened, folders start listing the exact size of the file. OS X users have been waiting for this since the X has arrived. With Preview you are now  able to look at the file without even opening the application, or opening up Quick Look, it will play in the icon itself.

Quicktime X:

Quicktime X has had a big improvement over how Files are played. Apple is now using a new way to boost up playback. OpenCL, Files play much better. The new Quicktime X went with a more iPhone esque. Using the very famous marble features mentioned previously before. Another new feature is the ability to trim your videos, and making it easier to upload your videos to YouTube. It pushes the boundaries of how Quicktime was meant to be.Thanks if you want to know more about Snow Leopard. We give it a 9 out 10. And its worth that $10. $30 upgrade price. Users still on Leopard there is no reason not to upgrade unless you have specific app needed to open in Leopard, but soon major companies are going to start adapting the major features of Snow Leopard. So Check it out.

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