bestbuyoctobergeneralman3.jpgWe woke up this morning thinking of all the great deals the Sunday paper would bring. We already knew about a certain Heroes HD DVD deal, but we were wondering about other deals. Well the Hereos thing is for sure legit, that offer is 100% valid, starts today and will catch yourself a free Heroes: Season One HD DVD when you purchase the Xbox 360 HD DVD player at Best Buy. Other Best Buy offers include a free comic book with the purchase of Conan, a free wraslin’ demo (which is on the XBLM too) when you pre-order Smackdown vs. Raw 2008, and a free bonus disc loaded with gamer pictures, trailers and songs when you pre-order Mass Effect.

And if you’re looking for other deals worth mentioning this week, then sorry, but there really isn’t any. Circuit City, Target and everyone else all had no good deals and upsetting. But cheer up, because next week’s Circuit City retail ads and you get a free guitar stand with the purchase of Guitar Hero III and a free Homer ball with The Simpsons Game purchase. You didn’t hear this from us.