Alienware is one of the most well-known names in gaming, and they are celebrating their 25th birthday! To commemorate this milestone, Alienware created a redesigned flagship gaming desktop. The new device features the latest technology to provide gamers with increased performance for maximum enjoyment.

In 25 years, Alienware has grown from a garage-based company in Miami to become one of the most popular gaming PC brands on earth. To celebrate this momentous occasion and their long history-making high-end systems for gamers across America (and beyond), they’re rolling out an all-new Aurora system with some pretty cool enhancements!

The Alienware Aurora is a gaming PC that was created to celebrate the brand’s 25th anniversary. The recent redesign of its chassis includes extra space and more efficient airflow, which will allow it to run quieter than previous models with less noise output for those who want their systems unnoticeable when they’re not using them!

To improve the airflow and cool down their machines, Alienware focused on including two 120mm fans with every system. The first fan is an intake that draws in air from outside while pushing it through internal components such as graphics cards or CPUs; this helps keep those parts running at peak performance for longer periods of time without overheating them! If there’s still room left over after these are exhausted, we’ve got another exhaust out back ready to take care of all your hot-spot areas like fins around top rear side windows (among others). Since this is an Aurora system, there are of course liquid cooling options too.

The new Alienware Aurora is designed to be more than just a gaming computer. The cooling system is able to keep your processor running smoothly despite the additional heat given off by high-end graphics cards or processors, which can really bog down other computers in this day and age of WiARDS! Along with staying cool while you’re cranking away at max settings on games like Civilization VI, it’ll make for quieter operation as well – up 16% idle noise level compared with last generation models (that’s impressive)!

The new Aurora will be available in two colors, Lunar Light and Dark Side of the Moon. These are differentiated with white or black accents on their exterior design to show off your gaming style

The company plans on releasing more info about this product later this fall which includes specs as well pricing for both versions