Santa Clara (CA) – Ahead of the Super Computing 2006 (SC06) conference, which will open its doors on November 11, Intel announced new server cluster software tools and provided more information about its Clovertown quad-core processor, which industry sources expect to debut on November 12.According to Intel 44 quad-core Xeon 5300 series processor will deliver a performance of about 1.8 TFlops, which equals about the floating point of 9000 Pentium Pro processors that were in production about ten years ago. The 1996 platform consumed about 1500 square feet of floor space and consumed about 800,000 watts. The quad-core chips fit in servers with a floor space of about 16 square feet and consume less than 10,000 watts, Intel said.

Clovertown processors combine two Xeon 5100 (Woodcrest) cores into one package. According to industry sources, Intel will launch three “regular” Clovertown processors as well as one “extreme” version this Sunday. The E5310 (1.6 GHz, FSB1066, 8 MB L2 cache) will be priced at $455, the E5320 (1.86 GHz, FSB1066, 8 MB) will have a tray price of $690 and the E5345 (2.33 GHz, FSB1333, 8 MB) will cost $851. The X5355 will mark the top end of the family with 2.66 GHz, FSB1333 and 8 MB L2 cache for $1172.