Another Day, Another average story. My Cousin who has this nice Dell Precision 690 Server PC. Which we (Me and Junaid) thought would be a perfect candidate for installing Leopard on. My cousin has to HAVE his PC work with 4 monitors. Which was powered by a ATI FireMV2400 which I knew wasn’t supported but, didn’t stop us fellow hackers. So we continued. We went down to our local Fry’s, and bought 4 GB’s of Fully Buffered Dimms (Server Memory) and a 500 GB hdd. We were on our way. We went to the Loft/Office and Installed all of it. Man 16 slots of Memory Heaven, after that booted from Leopard HDD and waited 5 Mins for it to finish booting, after that we need to format that drive, but wouldn’t show up in Disk Utility, so we are like what? We went into the Bios and checked it out, we soon found out the SAS Controller wasn’t supported in our Hack. So we switched both of them to the Sata Controller, It worked installed and booted, and guess what video worked! but wait not for the ATI but the nVidia which I forgot to mention. QE/Ci all that good stuff. It was nicely working, sound, 6 Gb/s of ram, but that stupid 4 monitor video FireMV.

So we said we will just sell those other two, Get two supported video cards, So we did exactly that. We went down to our local Circuit  City and didn’t get anything from their, Limited Selection and horribly overpriced. So we went to Fry’s again and bought two XFX 8500 GT cards. We were Gradually on our way.

We came back to the Office opening them up excitingly, then we found out only one 16x PCIe Slot!!! We are like screw it and we put them back. Then we tried to see if we can make the ATI card work but wouldn’t even boot up. We are back at Square 1, My cousin’s like its already 9:30 PM so we leave for the night.

The next day, I help my other cousin out SuperMarket Love, his worked perfectly fine. Little $%#&^$. Anyways. Junaid bought a 3870X2 for that PC so he can have all four monitors, and he couldn’t get it to work. He also found out the RAM doesn’t work!!! because of some memory mismatch. So we need to return the 3 Video cards, Ram, and no Hack.

Now Today I found out the 3870X2 works!!! ahhh!!! *&(^$*#. So what have we learned. Research really really(emphasized) Good. So we know what is and what isn’t compatible. Oh yeah to end this post the Ethernet or the X-Fi card doesn’t work hahaha. Be Brave Delly you are going to fly. “Drink some spit just to save your life” To be continued…

Aman Fahimullah is a Hackintosh Professional working with tools ranging from Apple’s XCode and Package Maker to the Graphic and Multimedia power of Adobe Photoshop Cs3 and Logic Studio Pro. Is well versed in technologies used in consumer products, electronics, computers and many different areas of technology.