efi-x-usb-dongleART STUDIOS ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA (ASEM), the company behind the EFI-X UEFI dongle, has severed its relationship with EFI-X USA LLC, its North American distributor.

The whole situation started when EFi-X™ Usa started peddling generic PCs with pre-installed OS X and the EFI-X dongle.

This upset ASEM which sought to block the American shop from selling machines. A falling out of sorts ensued and, as of the 12th of January, ASEM has come forward and denounced the EFIX USA business model as breaching its NDA and terms & conditions.

Here is the full break down

On behalf of Art Studio Entertainment Media co.ltd (ASEM), I announce that we now have completely ceased all relations, trade and support with EFIX USA llc, and are in the process of

starting a lawsuit to defend ourselves from calumnies and infringement of our NDA and Terms & Conditions contracts with EFIX USA llc unless full inventory is immediately returned to us or to the new appointed US reseller(s) or distributor(s).

EFIX USA llc has damaged ASEM by announcing in an unsolicited and unexpected way a series of “clones” clearly and boldly advertised as a cheap challenger to the totally unrelated to us Apple® Mac Pro© machines.

Creating, supporting, advertising and promoting the sales or the use of so called “clones”, as well as unfair advertising and promotion of any product or service involving our product(s) is against ASEM’s primary directives, and will not be condoned in any way.

The company has also violated our NDA by including in their own (unauthorised and unchecked by us) Hardware Compatibility List unsupported devices, misleading our customers and creating chaos amongst them.

Finally, they have damaged our image in a further way with heavily fluctuating prices and poor customer support, all the time using our registered and copyrighted product name.

For these reasons, Art Studios Entertainment Media hereby ceases completely whatsoever commercial relation with EFIX USA llc.

All the existing customers of EFIX USA llc who purchased an EFI-X V1 USB module can now refer to us or to the newly appointed US reseller(s) and distributor(s) for assistance, queries and support.

The new appointed reseller for USA is now http://www.expresshd.com

All EFIX USA customers requiring assistance or service can now refer to us or to ExpressHD.